Dubska – Bajki (Fables).

Hi. 🙂

Have you ever heard any Polish reggae? If not, now you can. Reggae is really a thing here, particularly if you listen to alternative music scene, you just can’t not be familiar with it, but its influences are also visible in our modern mainstream music from time to time. When I was a kid, I loved to listen to a radiostation which very sadly no longer exists now, called Polish Radio Bis. It was directed at young people and they played a lot of alternative music – rock, rap, chillout, club music, folk, house, and reggae, dub and ska and all the related stuff. This in a way drew me to reggae music, particularly Polish reggae, and I had a short but stormy time in my life when I really really liked reggae, particularly a band called Vavamuffin. And I still like them, although I’m no longer even half as crazy about reggae as I was back then.

Dubska is one of the younger Polish reggae/dub bands, and, in my opinion, one of more accessible for not reggae geeks. Usually, reggae is filled with some kind of slang, plus all the rastafari culture related words, plus Jamaican phrases, and English with very hard, Polish-(pseudo)Jamaican English accent mixed with Polish, so that outsiders can’t get much out of it sometimes. But as far as I know, Dubska have most of their texts in Polish, and even if they’re in English, I guess they’re also pretty understandable for those who haven’t ever been into reggae. Their texts are about life and its various aspects, often a bit phylosophical, like this one.

“Bajki” is their new song. The word bajki means tales or fables, but it also may colloquially mean something like boosh, nonsense. The song is very universal imo, and I think will be always actual. It’s about people telling lies and taking advantage of it, and spreading the evil and war, etc.