Question of the day (28th September).

What are your plans for today?

My answer:

It’s 6 PM already here, and, especially that today I’ve been awake since before 7 AM, I’m not having much planned for the rest of the day. I am hoping to catch up with all my overdue blog posts, eat something, have a shower, go to bed, and do some Welsh before sleep. If I’ll find the time maybe I’ll pop in to Dreamland for a little while with some good music, and I’ll probably spend another little while with Zofijka before she goes to sleep.

How about you? 🙂

Question of the day.

You magically have an entirely free couple of hours in the evening, all to yourself, and you can do these things. Pick one:

a) exercise of some kind followed by a long relaxing shower/bath

b) go out to a bar/pub/restaurant with friend(s).

c) Do something else with friend(s) – acinema/theatre/music, just hanging out.

d) watch telly/read/Internet.

e) do some chores/domestic stuff of some kind.

f) other – pls expand.

My answer:

Almost all my evenings look like D and I like it this way, so I’m gonna pick D. However I may not have anything against B or the more C if I had someone to do these things with, but not too often definitely.

What would be your choice? 🙂