Olivia Garcia – “Freedom Hearts”.

Today I have a very catchy pop song for you. Olivia Garcia is a singer from Manchester who took part in X Factor some years ago, and then also in British preselections for Eurovision 2017, but didn’t get chosen in the end. I think the song is quite cool and her voice is very powerful, so thought I’d share.

Keeping it Peel – Cerddoriaeth heb Saesneg

As someone who is deeply interested in Welsh culture, loves Welsh language music and generally likes to explore music in different languages, I think this post is really worth reading!


The BBC have produced a program compiling bits of various sessions of Welsh language rock music that were broadcast as part of John Peel’s regular radio show. There’s even been a re-mix of Datblygu’s hit “Maes E” and one of my favourite bands of the time Melys have a new LP due out next year; exciting times.

This was of interest to me as I used to listen to these sessions when I was a younger man and also because I can now speak Welsh. So, listening to these recordings was strange as I was listening to something I used to hear in an unknown language to one I now speak; a big wow basically.

I’ve never quite understood this English language bias in the British media. There is an awful lot of English language music out there and sure, you can be perfectly happy only listening to English…

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Greta Salóme – “My Blues”.

Hi! 🙂

As long as this blog exists, there has been only one song from Iceland on here. It’s not something very weird since although I like Icelandic, it is not in the very top of my favourite languages, but still they do a lot of great music there, so Icelandic music is definitely worth mentioning and sharing.

So today I have for you a song by Greta Salóme Stefansdóttir, who represented Iceland a few years ago on Eurovision Song Contest in Baku in Azerbaijan. She is associated with another Icelandic singer – Jónsi – with whom she sang there and collaborated a few times. I really like this song by her.