Elsa & Emilie – “The Drowning”.

Hi people! 🙂

Last weekend I shared with you “Under The Blood Moon” by Elsa & Emilie, and I told you I will share one more song from her this week, my most favourite one. So, here it is. I really like it, I think it’s stunning, and it was the first song that I’ve ever heard from them and that made me love this Norwegian duo. Enjoy. 🙂

Elsa & Emilie – “Under The Blood Moon”.

Hi hi people! 🙂

I have a very interesting song for you. I just love these two girls’ – Elsa & Emilie’s – music! They’re from Norway, and they released their first album when they were 16, now they are in their early twenties I think. Their music, especially their later songs, are a bit dark, but also very ethereal, and I love this combination, their music just speaks to me, and today I’m particlarly in the mood for their music. SO today I’m gonna show you this song, as it’s very interesting, and sometime next week I’m gonna show you another one, which is my most favourite from them. The surprising thing is that although they’re not world-wide famous or anything, they’ve apparently become quite liked in Spain, I don’t really know why, other than because their music is great. When I started to listen to them about a year ago or so and wanted to find out more about them, I came across a whole lot of websites in Spanish, Spanish fanpages, Spanish lyrics’ translations, etc. It’s interesting how some music can become popular in a completely different country, we’ve had this phenomenon in Poland too, for example there are quite a few fierce fans of a Finnish rock/metal band called Korpiklaani (me included, even if I’m not that fierce!) and I’ve read somewhere that there are more people coming to their concerts than in Finland.