Question of the day.

Hi guys! 🙂

Today my question for you is:

When was the first time you drove a car?

My answer:

I could say that I come from a family of drivers. My Dad is a professional driver, he’s a tanker driver and delivers fuel, and he’s very interested in all things automotive and has always been. Same is with Olek, he would also like to be a tanker driver like Dad but he ended up being a car mechanic, well at least for now. My Mum was very much afraid of driving until she met Dad and got her driver’s licence, and then she simply couldn’t be afraid of driving anymore because otherwise their relationship wouldn’t last too long. 😀 She had to drive Dad to and from work, and he definitely expected her to do that, she still has to actually, and I suppose he just couldn’t live with someone that would be ignorant about such obvious things like driving a car. My Mum though is not the kind of sweet little woman who needs and wants to be taken care of and prefers to be autonomous, so she is very glad that she got rid of her fear of driving and she is a very good driver and knows a lot about cars and such. There have been also many other situations in our family that woould have been much much more difficult, if not impossible to manage if Mum wouldn’t be able to drive. When Mum was pregnant with Zofijka, she was joking that she will definitely give birth to a driver, because she was driving so much at the time and spending lots of time in the car. While it’s too early to say anything for sure, it’s kinda hard to imagine for me now that Zofijka, as autonomous and no-nonsense as she is could not drive. She already has a very good idea about it for a girl her age, and likes to criticise daft drivers and comment on how everyone on the road is driving and such. And that’s probably why, even though I am blind, I ended up driving once. As a little kid, I would often sit on my Dad’s or grandad’s lap on the driver’s seat and they would show me very basically how you drive, or we would drive short distances together with Dad or I would sit in the front seat in grandad’s car while he’d drive and I’d change the gears for him when he told me to, as he taught me how to do that. Not that I was equally interested in all that stuff as my Dad or Olek, I wasn’t at all, but that was just kinda funny. But the actual situation where I actually ended up driving on my own happened in the morning after my 18th birthday. My online friend – Jacek from Helsinki – who was back then still Jacek from Silesia – came to save me because my Mum was doing a really big birthday party for me. It was his idea, but I was scared of all the socialising and stuff, so I was happy that at least I would have Jacek there, he was really good at chatting to people and would shift all the attention from me to his very eccentric self. So, the morning after the party, we were going to a couple places in Jacek’s car before he had to go, I was sitting beside him, we had Zofijka on the back seat too, and I don’t even remember now how but somehow we ended up talking about driving, driver’s licences and such. And then when we were already on our backyard, crazy Jacek came up with a crazy idea that he’ll show me how to drive. I was a real chicken and didn’t want to, but finally we decided to go with that. As I said I had already some idea about driving from what my Dad and grandad taught me, and Jacek was assisting me and giving me instructions. It was very funny and a lot of adrenaline, but I was also terribly scared. We were on our backyard, and Jacek was telling me what to do so it was (relatively) safe but I was freaking out that something scary will happen. Thankfully it was OK and Jacek and Zofijka said I drove pretty well so I guess that must be genes. 😀 And my family were shocked seeing me drive. Jacek even recorded a video of that and I guess I still have it somewhere. 😀

So, when was your first time driving? 🙂