Question of the day (10th May).

Do you like to draw? If yes, what do you like to draw? And if not, have you ever liked drawing?

My answer:

No, I am not a fan of it. For some people maybe even just asking a blind person if she likes to draw may seem weird and pointless, but it isn’t really. I know blind people who actually like to draw. There is some specialised stuff that makes it possible, including thick foils on which you can simply draw with a pen or a pencil or whatever and you get a tactile graphic. This is mostly used at schools for purposes like geometry, physics or other incredibly boring stuff, such things tend to generally be pretty expensive, and not used so much for art purposes, but why not.

For me though drawing is no fun. First of all, I usually can’t do it properly without some assistance because of my coordination issues and stuff, and I don’t like doing things with which I have to rely almost completely on others, ’cause it’s just boring and the work isn’t really mine. Another reason is that at least in my school all these foils and other specialised drawing tools were usually used as I said for more scientific purposes, which made it even more boring and didn’t really allow me to learn how to draw artistically. Therefore I haven’t drawn anything in like four years already and don’t think I’ll ever come back to it as I’m graduating and have never drawn anything outside of school.

I did however draw with Zofijka when she was younger, but I did it without any specialised tools, just in her colouring book, simply to make her laugh. That was fun, but not something I really really liked and would like to do often, it’s rather boring when you have no idea what actually you’re drawing and where. 😀

So no, I don’t like drawing, and I never liked it before.

How about you? 🙂