Declan Galbraith – “Nights in White Satin”.

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   For today, I decided to share with you a song from Declan Galbraith’s 2006 album Thank You, which he released when he was 14. This is his cover of The Moody Blues’ 1960’s classic Nights in White Satin, written by Justin Hayward after a breakup. Unlike back when Declan was my dominant faza peep when I was a teenager, these days I find that the original speaks to me more, but I still have a lot of sentiment for Declan’s version of this song. 

Declan Galbraith – “Sister Golden Hair”.

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   Today I want to share with you a song from Declan Galbraith’s (currently also known as Child of Mind) third album, You and Me, released in 2007 when he was fifteen. Just like his previous two records, this one also includes a lot of covers of pop and rock classics, and as perhaps some of you may figure out from the title, so is the case with this one. Sister Golden Hair was a 70’s hit written by Gerry Beckley for his band, America. 

Declan Galbraith – “Your Friend”.

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   Today I want to share with you this little happy song from Declan Galbraith’s – my second faza peep who is also known as Child of Mind more recently – first album, which was released when he was 10. I often have mixed feelings or straight up don’t like songs which are kind of cliché-y cheerful like that, and I do have to say that it’s not really breathtaking musically, but I do like  it anyway ‘cause it’s Declan’s and obviously like I said he’s one of my faza peeps and I like most of the music by my faza peeps, and ‘cause he was a kid then, so it feels really authentic and likeable because of that. 

Child of Mind – “Sedated”.

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   Today I’m coming to you with another song by Declan Galbraith aka Child of Mind, from his concert in Shenzhen. I have to say I think this is one of his best Child of Mind songs, which also means that I think it’s one of his best songs in general in his career because I consider his Child of Mind music a lot better than his earlier albums. 

Declan Galbraith – “Ego You”.

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Today I’m sharing with you a song for which I have really mixed feelings at this point. This song is the single from Declan Galbraith’s (aka Child of Mind) second album “You And Me”, released in 2007 when he was 15. And already when I had a faza on him, I noticed that, especially in Germany, where this album was recorded, and where he was most well-known as far as I’m aware at that point in his career, whenever they talked about this album, it was like the only song worth the attention from it was “Ego You”. While I liked it, I thought it was a bit unfair that it’s only “Ego You” getting all the attention. And then I sort of mildly infected Sofi with my faza (if I’m counting correctly I was about 14-15 at that time so Sofi must have been 4-5) and “Ego You” became her favourite song by Declan, and she’d sing it over and over again with her made-up English words and constantly asked me to play it over and over, she also really liked something about its official video but I can’t remember what that was. So I started feeling mildly fed up with it quite quickly. After some time, my faza faded even more suddenly than it appeared, giving way to the new one, on Cornelis Vreeswijk (the contrast of this still kills me 😀 ), but Sofi wasn’t done with “Ego You” yet so I’d become even slightly more fed up with it until I came up with a golden idea of introducing her to Alexander Rybak. I still can’t listen to his song “Ooah” without yawning. Currently, Sofi really dislikes Declan, and she absolutely hates “Ego You”. While I wouldn’t say that I dislike it, I still haven’t gotten over the fed up feeling entirely. But in general, as I’ve said on here before, now I much prefer Declan’s more recent music that he has made under the name of Child of Mind. Back when I had a faza on him, I came across an interview that some American guy recorded with him, I believe it was after the You and Me album (I’ve no idea who it was or for which medium) and in that interview, he asked Declan whether he ever gets fed up with any of his songs when he has to hear or sing them over and over. I have no recollection of what he said in response, and also my English was barely starting to develop in any more serious way at that time so understanding natives speaking was a challenge, but I’d be surprised if he also hasn’t ever felt fed up with “Ego You”. 😀 That being said, now I totally see why it was “Ego You” that was chosen to be the single, it definitely fits this purpose best out of all the songs on that album. Still, I do have a lot of nice memories with “Ego You”, and I decided I’d share it. Perhaps someone else will fall in love with it just like Sofi did.

Child of Mind – “Everybody Knows”

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   To introduce just a little bit more variety to my song of the day series, today, just like I did yesterday, I am sharing with you a song by Child of Mind, aka Declan Galbraith, from this very same album from which I picked a song yesterday – his live recording from Shenzhen in 2017, cuz why not? 😉 It’s a cool album, isn’t it? 

   Child of Mind – “Everybody Knows”. 


Child of Mind – “The Middle Ground of Choice”.

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   Today, I’d like to share with you another song from Child of Mind, previously known just under his actual name Declan Galbraith or simply Declan. As Child of Mind, to the best of my knowledge, he has not recorded any full-length studio album, but he did tour a whole lot. I find it slightly paradoxical – though I’m sure this is not some kind of coincidence but business/contractual stuff involved or something like that – that he seems virtually unknown in his native UK, whereas seems to enjoy quite a bit of popularity in countries like Germany and China. In China, schools use songs from his debut album (recorded when he was 10) to teach children English. He also had a big tour there in 2007 or 2008 promoting his third album “You And Me”. And now, as Child of Mind, he has sung there as well. And this song I want to share with you today comes from his 2017 concert in Shenzhen. A fair bit of his Child of Mind music evolves around kinda existential topics, and this song is no exception. It is not available on YouTube, or at least I don’t know about it and SongWhip doesn’t see it either, so for those who don’t use Spotify but use something else where it’s available, I’m including a SongWhip link as well. 

   Child of Mind – “The Middle Ground of Choice”. 


Declan Galbraith – “Love of My Life”.

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Today I want to share with you a single from Declan’s second album, Thank You, released when he was 14. Like all of his full-length albums, it contains a lot of covers of pop classics, and not only pop, so based on that you may already be guessing that this is also a cover, specifically of the Queen song. I always think he did a really good job with it for a fourteen-year-old.

Song of the day (28th November) – Declan Galbraith – “Circles in the Sand”.

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I figured I haven’t shared much from Declan’s debut album, which was released back in 2002 when he was 10, so thought I could share one song from it now. This is an original song, written for Declan by Barry Mason, and like most original songs on this album, has a very cheerful feel to it.

Declan Galbraith – “Missing You”.

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For today I’d like to share with you a song from Declan’s third album, You And Me, from 2007 when he was 14. Just like his earlier albums, this one contains quite a lot of covers, and this song is no exception. This is his version of the song by John Waite. I like this version more than the original.


Song of the day (4th August) – Child of Mind – “Hillingdon Hill”.

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I decided to share with you another song from Declan Galbraith, a.k.a. Child Of Mind. By the way, I see a lot of people coming to me from Google with search phrases like “Declan Galbraith 2021” or even “Declan Galbraith death (people, how can you even Google such a thing?! 😱 ) and that makes me wonder more and more often as I see this what’s actually going on with him now and will he be doing anything more with this Child Of Mind project. Because no, even though he’s one of my

faza peeps,

I have no idea what he’s doing now, haha. I heard that there were some problems with his record label, making it impossible for him to release new music, but don’t know if it’s still an ongoing situation. He’s been in the music field for most of his life though, including childhood, of course, so perhaps he just needs a break or maybe decided to leave it altogether, which would be very sad, but understandable, because why not try something else.

Anyways, back to the actual topic of this post, I think this is one of my favourites song from his Child of Mind era, not counting Strange World which is definitely my most favourite one of all. Hillingdon Hill, as you may or may not know, is a place in the UK, I believe in London or nearby.


Declan Galbraith – “How Could An Angel Break My Heart?”.

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Today I’d like to share with you a song from Declan’s second album – “Thank You” – which was released in 2006, when he was 15. As a lot of the songs on this album, this is a cover. This song was originally sung by Toni Braxton, who sang it from a female perspective and if I’m totally honest with you, I find her version quite horrible. Cant say if I just really don’t like Toni Braxton or whether this song is somehow spectacularly bad in the original, probably both. 😀

Generally, I think if I came across this song for the first time these days, and not when I was 14, I suppose I wouldn’t like Declan’s version veery much either. Not because it’s bad, but I just think it wouldn’t make much of an impression on me these days, and it’s so very emo. If I were to hear it for the first time ever today, I’m afraid I’d probably classify it as a typical “bed song” – you know, the kind of stuff someone might listen to in bed, in the middle of a rainy day, hidden under a blanket, when they’re having a really emotional day, naturally because they’d just broken up with someone. – So I’m glad I actually did discover it earlier and now have good associations with it, Declan having been one of my faza people.

I do like how expressive his interpretation is, he does a great job at it. I just have a hard time relating to this song I guess as romantic love isn’t something I’ve experienced, plus the lyrical subject of this song sounds like someone very possessive if not a little toxic.

Regardless, like I said, I think Declan does it really well and totally defeats Toni Braxton imo.

Declan Galbraith – “David’s Song (Who’ll Come With Me?)”

Hey guys! 🙂

For today, I’m sharing with you a song from Declan Galbraith second album, Thank You, which he released at the age of 14. Just as with his first album, it contains a lot of covers of either pop classics or some popular Celtic songs, and some original stuff. This song was a hit in the late ’70’s in some European countries, all because of The Kelly Family, who performed it originally, with John Kelly singing the solo. The song became particularly popular because of being the theme song for the German TV production called “The Adventures of David Balfour”, based on the book “Kidnapped’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. The music to this tune was composed by Vladimir Cosma. On the same album by Declan, there is also another Kelly Family song – “An Angel” – which I shared with you before. I like both of them a lot more in Declan’s versions.

Declan Galbraith – “Danny Boy”.

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Today I’d like to share with you a piece from another of my faza people – Declan Galbraith, these days also known as Child of Mind. – This song, however, was sung by him long before the Child of Mind project, as it’s from his very first, self-titled album from 2002, which he recorded at the age of 10. Some songs on it are original material, but mostly they’re covers of either pop classics or, as in this case, quite well-known Celtic folk songs. Declan definitely has a special relationship with Celtic music, even if it’s less apparent in his later music. This is because he is of both Irish and Scottish descent, and his grandfather – affectionately called Poppy Ben by Declan – with whom he had a very close relationship because he was looked after by his grandparents a lot as a child; played several instruments in a Celtic music bands, and would often take Declan along on rehearsals and concerts.

“Danny Boy” was written at the beginning of 20th century by an English lawyer and lyricist, Frederic Weatherly. He was introduced to the song “Londonderry Air” by his sister, and set this new song of his to its melody. It is not known how exactly this song should be interpreted and what the author had in mind writing it, but what comes to mind for many people is that it’s from the perspective of a parent, whose son is leaving home for war or an uprising, which makes sense to me.

Declan Galbraith – “Moody Blues”.

Hey people! 🙂

A moody blues is what my Sofi seems to be having right now, so it made me think of this song and I thought why not share it with you. Funny how the album from which it comes from (You and Me) was released in her birth year and how at the time Declan was almost her age. 😀

So You And Me was Declan’s third album, which he released at the age of 14, and it was also the last album of his that he released under his real name. While he is known for covering a lot of pop and rock classics, this seems to be his original song, although I’ve no clue if he wrote it himself or if someone wrote it for him. The title quite surely comes partly from The Moody Blues – the Birmingham 60’s rock band – which he likes and has covered their song Nights In White Satin on his second album.

Declan Galbraith – “An Angel”.

Hiya people! 🙂

Thought I’d share another piece from Declan Galbraith’s second album – Thank You – released in 2006, when he was 14. Currently (or at least in 2018, that was the last time I heard anything substantial about him) he makes his music under the stage name of Child of Mind, and writes his own songs, however back then, he mostly did covers of classic pop or rock songs, and this one is I believe one of his more well-known covers.

Originally, An Angel was a song of The Kelly Family (an European-American band which enjoyed quite a lot of popularity in the 90’s) and was written by Paddy Kelly for his late mother, Barbara, who passed away early from cancer if I remember correctly, and I think it’s not the only song he wrote for her. I don’t know a whole lot about The Kelly Family but since Declan is one of my faza subjects, and since he has covered more than one of The Kelly Family’s song and liked their music, I used to listen to them a bit because I like to know what my fazas like to listen to. Anyway, while The Kellys have some quite cool songs, I think Declan’s covers are a lot better, and so is the case with this one.

Declan Galbraith – “Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)”.

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I don’t think I’ve ever shared with you a song from Declan Galbraith’s (currently known as Child of Mind) second album called Thank You, so I thought I’d do it today. It was released in 2006 when he was 15, and, what’s typical of his music at the time, contains mostly covers of popular classics of genres like pop, folk and rock. And one of the pieces he covered on that album was Don McLean’s “Vincent” often referred to as “Starry, Starry Night” from its first lines, and that’s also how it’s called on Declan’s album. Somehow despite this is a very weighty song in my opinion, tackling quite an intense topic like mental illness or suicide, I’ve seen a lot of children and teens cover it, Chloe Agnew and Jackie Evancho to name a few.

Despite it clearly shows that while recording this song, Declan was already undergoing voice change, so it impacts the quality of the piece a bit, and so does the autotune here unfortunately, which is not the case with the whole album because in some other songs he sounds a lot different, I still think his version is absolutely great! And the lyrics are just amazing but that’s obviously Don McLean’s merit.

Declan Galbraith – “You And Me”.

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Hope you’re having a great start of the new year. For the start of the new year at My Inner Mishmash, I chose a song from one of my major fazas – Declan Galbraith aka Child Of Mind. – Because I realised that while I shared music from his debut album while he was 10, and his most recent music now that he is an adult and writing his own lyrics under the name of Child Of Mind, I haven’t shared anything from any of his teenage albums. So today I chose to share the title song from his 2007 album You And Me. If I’m counting right, he was 14 at the time. As you may know if you’ve read my previous posts where I wrote about him, he is British of Irish and Scottish heritage, but this particular album, as well as the one released the year before, was recorded in Germany and brought him particular fame there. Maybe not like sky-high fame but if people were likely to know his music anywhere, it was most likely in Germany.

He was undergoing voice change at the time, so I believe there’s a bit of autotune in there even though normally he has quite remarkable vocal control, and he sounds quite characteristic on this particular album. Also his music was quite different at the time than what he’s been creating most recently as Child Of Mind, and he mostly covered other people’s songs, or at least if he did write some of them they were not as ambitious as they are now, which is totally understandable given his age, but it’s just kind of striking when you have a closer look at his music as a whole picture.

At the time of my having a dominant faza on him, which was about 2013 (I guess) this was his newest album to date and I liked it the most, mostly because it was the most versatile musically and a bit more light rock-y than pop-y which I liked. But now that I know his later music, I do like it a lot more than You And Me and I must say that if I didn’t know him now, at this point in my life, and my first encounter with his music would be with this 2007 album, I’d probably not end up having a faza on him. Which would be sad, and I’d miss out on so much! 😀 So I’m glad it went differently and I came across his music much earlier, being a teen myself. So here is You And Me. 🙂

Song of the day (5th December) – Child Of Mind – “Lay Me Down”.

Here is another song from one of my previous major fazas, Declan Galbraith aka Child Of Mind. Child of Mind is his relatively recent musical project, where, unlike in previous years of his musical career, he has been writing his own songs, rather than mostly covering. And, as I’ve written before, I think that’s a very good idea because he’s an interesting songwriter and that adds quality and a bit of a special feel to his music that makes him stand out a bit more. This song in terms of lyrics reminds me of one of his first self-penned songs that we were introduced to I guess it was in 2016, called “Strange World”. It has a similar embittered, you could say cynical even, feel. Here it is for you.

Song of the day (16th November) – Child Of Mind – “Maybe We Can Find A Way”.

Hi people! 🙂

I’d like to share with you a song by one of my main fazas, more exactly the object of my second faza – Declan Galbraith, aka Child Of Mind. I’ve shared some of his music, earlier and more current, before, so you may know that he has started his singing career at the age of 11, and is from England but has a lot of Celtic heritage on both sides of his family. Currently he has this Child Of Mind project going on, and although in the earlier years of his career he mostly covered some popular songs, now he writes his own lyrics and they are very interesting and often quite deep or at least can make you think. The song I want to share with you now is one of these and is called Maybe We Can Find A Way. I chose to show you a live version, for no other reason that I saw it first when looking for you on youTube, and lives are typically more genuine so if they’re good audio quality and well performed I’m all for lives instead of album versions unless I have some strong preference for the album version for some reason. As you’ll be able to hear, this is from his gig in Italy.