Question of the day.

   What’s a food you hate not because of its taste but its texture? 

   My answer: 

   Usually, if I hate a food because of its texture, its taste isn’t too good either. But some things I can think of are some kinds of jelly candies, I’m not sure if they have any specific name in English or anywhere in the ANglosphere of if they’re even a thing but I mean chocolate-covered jellies. Not all kinds that I’ve had have terrible texture, but some definitely do, while still tasting decent. Then there are potatoes, which, well, it’s hard to avoid potatoes in my bit of the world because literally if you’re not on keto like my Mum is or something else like that then everyone here eats potatoes, so I generally just deal with it and if I have to eat them, I will, but I definitely can’t say I like them and it’s precisely because of the texture. They can taste pretty good when they’re made well, but the texture is just meh. And mashed potatoes are yuck, I can’t comprehend how some people like it even more pulpy and add butter or milk to it like our Olek does, ewwww! The only potato-based things I truly like are chips/fries, crisps/chips, Silesian dumplings and potato pancakes, which now that I think of it  I can’t recall ever seeing any Anglophone people mentioning them so maybe this is not a thing anywhere else, so in case you don’t know what this is it’s basically just shallow-fried pancakes made of potatoes with eggs, flour and salt. The potatoes are actually grated, but usually I don’t think the texture is felt as much as in many other dishes including potatoes, especially that they’re supposed to be eaten right after frying so they’re  crispy. You can either have them sweet, with cream and sugar, which is how my family ate them most often when I was a kid, or spicy/salty, with all sorts of things like champignon sauce, sour cream with hot spices like chilli/kalonji etc. I don’t really eat either Silesian dumplings or potato pancakes in “unverified” places though, because sometimes some people do make them so that they feel very mushy on the inside, whereas others do not, so I no longer feel like taking the risk. Fries can sometimes have a yucky texture as well, especially in some fast food places, but it’s a lot more common with Silesian dumplings and when you eat out it’s really difficult to find ones that have the texture they actually should have, I seriously know only two food places which have delightful Silesian dumplings and loads which have them super crappy or even serve them sweet by default which I think is sacrilegious. Perhaps that’s just because I’ve never  tried them in Silesia where more people should know what they really should be like in terms of both texture and taste. Oh yeah, and most cooked vegetables, especially stuff like zucchini. It can taste not too bad but the texture is awful. Some cooked vegetables, like cauliflower for example, are really cool both in terms of taste and texture if they’re al dente, but most vegetables are far better raw in terms of texture in my opinion. 

   You? 🙂