Question of the day (21st September).

Did you have foreign language classes in your school?

My answer:

I had English classes from the beginning of primary until the end of my formal education, and German kind of on and off since fourth grade in primary until the end of secondary. But I don’t feel like the classes gave me much beyond teaching me the very beginnings of English which could perhaps be hard if I didn’t have them at school.

How was it with you? If you did have language classes, do you feel like you actually benefitted from them in any way? Or maybe quite the opposite? 🙂

Question of the day.

What were/are your favourite classes at school – and were the ones you liked most the same as the ones you were best at?

My answer:

It is hard to think about any classes that I really liked. I liked Polish as a language, same as English, but had become discouraged to it both as school classes fairly quickly, as they were both so very boring and I rarely was learning on them something I thought could be really interesting or useful. Most of my English skills are actually self-taught and I don’t feel like any of the schools I’ve been going to has taught me much more really useful things than basics. I’ve been very good at both Polish and English though, slightly better at English.

Then there were German classes when I was in primary and secondary. It isn’t one of my favourite languages, like I mean in my top favourites, so I didn’t feel as motivated as with English, but I still do like the language and was fairly good at it, but OMG it was so incredibly boring, plus most of the classes were actually completely wasted because of my classmates, who were mostly boys at that time, with whom the teacher couldn’t cope at all. And I feel like she wasn’t the best at explaining things either. When I left the school for the blind where I spent most of my childhood and school time, I had one year of individual learning until I started the school from which I’m graduating now, and during that year I finally happened to have a cool and concrete German teacher and I really enjoyed having lessons with her and learning German. But as I said I was never particularly motivated to this language so I just left it after I was finished with individual learning and now I can barely understand someone speaking German, not to mention my own speaking skills.

I kinda liked art at the school for the blind, but only because our art teacher was incredible and was one of the very few people I was getting along somehow more naturally there and who genuinely liked me despite I sucked at her subject as much as it’s only possible. She was a very warm and creative person and she understood it that I need much more assistance with doing arts stuff and some things are just nearly impossible for me to do because of my coordination issues and other stuff and didn’t make much of a deal about it. It was her who actually discovered my writing skills even though her subject wasn’t about writing at all and we had kinda unwritten agreement. She was helping me with technical stuff a lot, often just making what we had to do during the class for me to make it faster and more efficiently, while my task was writing. Like I was writing poems for all the students’ mums or other people so that they could have them on their cards or other gifts if they didn’t have much creativity in writing themselves, I was making up some slogans for posters, stories to get along with different art works etc. and although it was something I was doing more of duty than pleasure, I was glad I still had something to do and that she was so understanding.

So overall I don’t think I could say I had any really favourite class. I was OK at most of the classes but not passionate about anything.

You? 🙂