Question of the day.

Would you ever move to a new city/state/country without a job, or a plan?

My answer:

I do it a lot in BitLife somehow! If you don’t know what BitLife is, it’s a life simulation game and I’ve been playing it a lot lately. But in real life, I don’t think it’s something I’d do, unless I’d have some savings or something. I’m not really spontaneous like that, and also I don’t like moves, so if I had to move, I’d rather make sure that it goes smoothly, and I feel like that would be better achieved with at least a rough plan of what I’m going to do after I move, where I’m going to live etc.

You? 🙂

Question of the day.

What would a perfect city be like?

My answer:

I’ve never lived long-term in a bit city, so I’ve never really wondered about that before and to me really, a perfect city would have to not be a city. At least if I were supposed to live there, as opposed to just visiting or getting some things done. I much prefer living in the countryside or suburbs. But if I had to think of a perfect city that is actually a city… it would have to be accessible to all its inhabitants and visitors so friendly for people with all disabilities as much as possible. It would be supportive of its inhabitants and their needs, and the authorities in such city would listen to people and take their opinions about the development of the city into account. It would be very beautiful with lots of interesting places to visit, all sorts of things from museums, monuments, art galleries and castles to theatres and cinemas, to restaurants, hotels and cafes, to all sorts of necessary institutions, to places of worship, to parks and family-friendly places and some green, less busy areas etc. so that everyone would find something for themselves there and could like this city. It should have a home(l)y atmosphere to it so that people would feel good there even when they’re visiting for the first time or have just moved there from the opposite end of the world. It should also be easy to navigate. Would be fun if it was innovative, used some very new technology to make things easier for people, but at the same not innovative in an exclusive way so that older people or people who just have no interest in being innovative and progressive could be themselves and wouldn’t get lost in all that, so that if something concerned a person directly, they could decide themselves whether they want to be technologically advanced or do everything the traditional, familiar way. So yeah, I guess these are all my ideas. Oh, no, wait, and there would have to be some entertainment places for kids! Both for families with children and for children alone, for example somewhere they could go during summer holidays while their parents are at work and have fun. Similarly there should be things for other groups who would need that, some place for older people to socialise with each other, for mums, for disabled people, for mentally ill people, youth and the like, depending which groups would be particularly strongly represented among the inhabitants I guess, so that they’d have a sense of community in case they’d need something like this. Or at least like I said before people with all sorts of life problems, be they emotional, health-related, legal, financial, familial, spiritual or what not, should have a place there where they’d be supported, heard and understood as much as possible without running into endless problems when trying to access help, and especially people who are vulnerable in some way should have such options. It should just be people-friendly, and individual-friendly if possible.

What do you think a perfect city should look like? 🙂

Bendith – “Dinas” (City).

Hi guys! 🙂

Today I’d like to show you another piece from the beautiful project which was a result of collaboration of two, seemingly very distinct, Welsh band – alt-folk/psychedelic folk Plu (which consists of my most recent faza object Gwilym Bowen Rhys and his two sisters, Marged and Elan), and Carwyn Ellis from indie Colorama. – I wrote about that earlier because I shared with you two pieces from their collective album already. The project is called Bendith (which means blessing in Welsh) and this is also the title of the album. The album is very strongly inspired by Carwyn Ellis’ (who initiated the whole idea) fond childhood memories.

I love how this particular piece is so very atmospheric and evocative, and so rich and simply incredibly beautiful. It’s definitely one of my favourites from this album and I think there’s something totally captivating about it.

Question of the day (25th September).

If you could design a city or the place where you live, what would you create?

My answer:

I don’t think I’d change much. Perhaps I’d make sure there is free Internet across our town, create more local shops, and some restaurant. There are a few restaurants but I think there could be something more sophisticated but also with good food. We have one place very close to us, it is a pizzeria and they have loads of good food, and then there is another one that is in hotel, it is incredibly luxurious and rather expensive, but the food only looks good and tastes rather bland. I’d like to have an international food shop here, we used to have foodtrucks coming to us regularly but now it’s not as often. My Mum says there’s a big need for a good confectionery. We have a family park here, and I’d invest more in it, and I think it would be nice if the confectionery was there. Also I’d try to make the town more accessible for people with all sorts of disabilities. It’s hard, because sometimes when you want to make something accessible for example for wheelchair users, like lower curbs, it becomes more difficult for the blind who walk with white canes and need them to orientate, and vice versa. But I’d just try as much as possible to make it friendly for all disabled people, and despite our town isn’t very big, we have quite a lot of them.

How about you? 🙂