Aine Minogue – “The Selkie” & Cecile Corbel – “The Great Selkie”.

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I think I’ve shared that on my blog already that one of my favourite folk creatures are selkies. So today I thought I’d share with you two songs about them, which are practically variations of one song, both vastly differing arrangements. Both Aine Minogue’s and Cecile Corbel’s music has already been featured on my blog. They’re both harpists. Aine was born in country Tipperary in Ireland but currently resides in the Boston area, whereas Cecile is from Brittany.

Usually when I share two versions of the same or almost the same song it’s because I can’t choose between them, but here, I can say with no hesitation that Aine’s version speaks to me much more. Still, I really like Cecile’s version too, and I think it sounds very interesting, and even more so when you compare the two.

Aine Minogue:

Cecile Corbel:

Cecile Corbel – “L’orage” (The Storm).

Hey guys! 🙂

I am quite surprised that I haven’t shared any music from this artist so far, because I really like her and have been familiar with her music for many years now. Cecile Corbel is a Celtic harpist and singer from Finistere in Brittany. She first learned about Celtic harp during a concert of Greek harpist Elisa Vellia, who later became her teacher. Cecile sings in many languages, from English to French to Breton to Irish to Japanese. I guess what she’s particularly known for is composing the soundtrack to Arrietty the Borrower. I like her characteristic, a bit child-like-sounding voice. This song I want to share with you today comes from her latest album SongBook, Vol. 5 – Notes. As regular readers know, I have no idea about French, but Google Translate claims the title of this song translates to English as The Storm.