Song of the day (2nd October) – Ben Hamer & Rhianna Loren – “Dawnsio’n Rhydd” (Dance Freely).

Hey people! 🙂

I haven’t shared any music with you in ages! But recently, I’ve learnt about a lot of new music, and among it is also a whole lot of new Welsh music. This time, I want to share with you a song that appeared in this year’s Cân I Gymru (A Song For Wales) competition, which took place in late February. This duo didn’t turn out to be winners, probably because their actual Cân I Gymru performance was rather mediocre in my humble opinion, and, while the song itself is very nice, there were some really stunning competitors who at least to me felt like they had more of a memorable potential, but still just like I said it’s very nice and so I’m sharing it today with you.

I’ve no idea who Ben Hamer is, but I know that Rhianna Loren is an actress and played in a very popular Welsh-language TV series Pobol Y Cwm (People Of The Valley). She hasn’t made any more music though, at least not under her own name that I’d know of, and I wonder whether perhaps she will in the future.

Because the WP people are being really obtrusive with the block editor, those of us who don’t like it for all sorts of reasons have to find workarounds to make blogging still work for us. I am considering writing more of my posts via email, although in the past I’ve always shared music with you via the WordPress website in the classic editor as it can embed videos from YouTube or music from Spotify/Soundcloud easier. In this post I am going to try embed the link to the song via my email client. Just letting you know in case it’s going to be a failure and if something is wrong with the link or it doesn’t display correctly for you, now you know why and you can check back in a minute and I’ll have it fixed.

Sheesh, didn’t work! 🙍‍♀️😡😡😡 Well, here’s the link.

Elidyr Glyn – “Fel Hyn ‘Da Ni Fod”(We Are Like This) [?]

Hi guys. 🙂

I’ve just recently learnt who is this year’s winner of Can I Gymru (Song For Wales)! But first, most of you probably don’t know what Can I Gymru is, so I’ll just tell you that it is a song competition that takes place in Wales each year, and the contestants sing only in Welsh, so the aim is popularisation of Welsh language music, and growing of Welsh language music scene. I know about Can I Gymru only since I’ve started learning Welsh seriously, and have never actually watched it, but last year I followed it very enthusiastically. This year was a bit diferent because I missed most of it at the time it was happening because of a few things, and I caught up just recently on who actually is the winner. I haven’t heard all contestants, but of those who I have heard, I also like the winner and his song the most. So, the winner was Elidyr Glyn, whom I already knew from his band called Bwncath (which apparently means buzzard), and I like this band a lot. So I just looked if I had actually shared with you anything by Bwncath before, and turns out that I hadn’t. Therefore I decided that I will share some of their music with you in the next couple of days.

But today, I’ll share that song which Elidyr Glyn sang at Can I Gymru. It’s called “Fel Hyn ‘Da Ni Fod”. I’ve been a bit frustrated with my Welsh lately and my patchy understanding of it, and I was also kinda frustrated that I didn’t really understand much of the song, but if I get the title right at least, it would be something like We Are Like This, or That’s Who We Are, or something like this. I can only understand some little bits and pieces of it, which sucks, I have a theory what it could possibly be about, but because I’m not sure and my Welsh is still in development, I guess I won’t share it in case it’s not true, and I can’t give you any context for the song because literally all that I was able to find was this song on Youtube and the info in different places that this is the song that won Can I Gymru and that Elidyr Glyn composed it himself.

but still, the song is really great.

Song of the day – Betsan Hâf Evans – Eleri.

Hi all. 🙂

Today I come to you with another fabulous Welsh song which I’ve heard for the first time a few weeks ago and liked it immediately. It is very positive. Betsan Hâf Evans was one of the participants of last year’s Cân I Gymru (Song For Wales) contest and she performed this song. I also like it because I am a name nerd and Eleri is one of my favourite Welsh girl names, I think it’s so melodic and just absolutely lovely.

You may notice that I will favour Welsh language music a bit in the next few days more than music in any other language and it’s first and foremost because Welsh Language Music Day is coming very soon. I can’t wait and I am hoping for discovering lots of new music. Plus currently it is the language I am focusing on the most because is the newest one in my language “collection” and I still have a lot to learn, while English and Swedish are just ones I am kind of polishing. And because of how focused I am recently on the Welsh language, I make lots of new Welsh music discoveries. And I am always pro minor/extincting languages.

OK, so here’s the song. 🙂