Question of the day.

Hi people. 🙂

Here’s another question for you in this little series about people we know.

Have you ever known anyone who had a birthmark in a place people could see?

My answer:

My Mum has quite a big mole on her decolletage so it maybe isn’t visible all the time but when it’s summer so you’re not completely covered up in clothes it is visible, but it’s not like particularly gross or anything or at least she doesn’t make a lot of fuss around it or isn’t uncomfortable with it so I don’t think it makes any difference for her. I have a lot of small moles all over my face, I guess it’s because my skin is like very light, which aren’t very nasty but I don’t really like it, and as far as I know my uncle on Mum’s side, who is also actually my Mum’s uncle so I don’t know whether that’s still called uncle in English, or some sort of grand uncle or whatever, anyway Olek, who is always making fun of people and seeing some embarrassing details about them, he says that that uncle has like an extremely visible and unappealing birthmark next to his lip. Well I don’t know if that’s true that it is really so so bad, but it definitely doesn’t sound cool. I also believe some people on my Dad’s side have some freckles or stuff as they are Kashubians with German descent and some even say Nordic however I don’t know where they got it from, anyway they’re still generally rather light-skinned.

How about you? 🙂

Ta wiadomość została sprawdzona na obecność wirusów przez oprogramowanie antywirusowe Avast.

Question of the day.

Do you have any birthmarks or scars?

My answer:

Well who doesn’t… not many people, I guess. I have very light skin, which I actually do like and wouldn’t like to have darker, hence I don’t particularly like to sun bathe, maybe just my legs from time to time, but I guess that’s also the reason why I have quite a lot of birthmarks. They aren’t big or objectively significantly unsightly or something, but… meh, I just don’t like them and would most willingly get rid of them, and maybe will do it sometime in the future if it will be possible, I mean safe, at least with some of them. Same case is Zofijka. Some people say they are “beauty spots”, but I definitely don’t think so.

As for scars, I have very small ones, almost invisible now, on my Achilles tendons, after the surgery I had 11 years ago, I had to have them lengthened. I have a very small scar from smallpox on my forehead, which is actually also invisible because I’ve almost always had a fringe so it covers it completely. I have lots of scars from self harm, especially on my legs, some are almost invisible, some are pretty glaring, they are very varying, I also have some on my arms and other places on my skin, but usually even at the stage when I self harmed the most I was quite paranoid about someone seeing that I self harm, so I tried to do it somewhere that would be easy to hide. I have scars on my calves after those weird skin infection I’ve been having regularly since three years. And recently I had some contact allergy stuff on my cheek, I completely have no idea what caused it, anyway, as my skin doesn’t seem to heal easily, looks like I’ll have a scar after it because it wasn’t anything really serious but a few months have passed and it’s still there and looks like a scar, but maybe it just needs some time to heal, I’d be glad because although it’s small, it’s still visible and it’s weird as I don’t know the cause of it happening. SO apart from the self injuries I don’t have many of them luckily.

How about you?