Astrid S – “Emotion”.

Hiya people! 🙂

Let’s leave the Celtic zone for a little while and go to Norway today. If you don’t know Astrid S from anywhere else, chances are that you may remember her from my blog, as I posted two of my favourite songs by her in the past – Think Before I Talk and Hurts So Good. – Somehow when I did it it must have evaded my brains that I didn’t post my third favourite song by Astrid S, and so I’m doing it today. It’s called Emotion, and just like all of her music, is really pleasant to listen to, I like her light vocals and that she tends to have good lyrics.

Astrid S. – “Think Before I Talk”.

Hey people! 🙂

The song I have for you today is from one of my recently most favourite pop Norwegian singers, Astrid Smeplass, known mostly as Astrid S, who is a pretty successful singer in Norway but also abroad as it seems. And since I heard this song for the first time last year it just got stuck in my brain, and I still like it quite a lot.