Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter – “Aran Boat Song”.

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   For today I chose a traditional Scottish piece, played by the duo whose music I have featured on here before – harpist Lisa Lynne and multi-instrumentalist Aryeh Frankfurter. – I’ve shared this song previously played by the Irish harpist Aine Minogue

Lisa Lynne ft. Aryeh Frankfurter – “Interlace V”.

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   Today, I’m happy to share with you another track from Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter’s 2011 album “Weaving Worlds”. This album includes several Interlace pieces, and today I’m featuring the fifth of them. I’ve previously shared  Interlaces II, III, and IV  on this blog as well if you’d like to have a listen to those 

Aryeh Frankfurter – “Polska Efter Ola Lans” (Ola Lans’ Polska).

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   Today I want to share with you a piece from the multi-instrumentalist Aryeh Frankfurter, whom I personally associate most with nyckelharpa and collaborating with the Celtic harpist Lisa Lynne. I’ve already shared some polskas on here and mentioned that it’s a Scandinavian dance which possibly does have some sort of link to Poland but it’s not a sure thing (it might have been brought to Scandinavia from the Polish court and be a relative of the polonaise), but it can also be kind of confusing because Polska happens to mean Poland in Polish, as well as Polish (as in the language) in Swedish, so it kind of makes it seem like the link must be stronger here. I’ve even heard a story of how some Nordic folk group had a concert here in Poland and they had T-shirts with the word “Polska” on them, which obviously made everyone think that they must be so in love with the country or something. 😀 But despite this is a Polska, the harp and the penny whistle give this tune a bit of a Celtic vibe imo. 

Lisa Lynne ft. Aryeh Frankfurter – “Interlace III”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   For today, I decided to share with you a piece from Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter’s collaborative album Weaving Worlds. It contains several pieces called Interlace, which work as interludes, and I’ve already shared two of these in the past – Interlace II and Interlace IV. – This one, according to Lisa Lynne, is entirely the work of Aryeh Frankfurter, who plays lots of different instruments, string instruments in particular as it seems, and here we can hear him playing cello, violin, viola, and – my favourite – the Swedish nyckelharpa. I love the atmosphere of this little piece. 

Lisa Lynne ft. Aryeh Frankfurter – “Interlace IV”.

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Some time ago, I’ve shared with you a piece from this duo called

“Interlace II”,

and I thought I’d share another of the Interlaces today, from the same album. I don’t know if it’s somehow imperative to listen to this whole album in the right order, since some tracks on it are numbered and whether it’s not intended to just listen to single pieces from it, I know that some albums work this way that listening one random piece or the album in a shuffle mode makes a lot less sense than when you listen to it the way it’s made to be listened to, but in this case I’ve both listened to the entire album in its order and all the pieces separately many times and I don’t see such a necessity, personally. So here’s “Interlace IV”, just because it was playing in my brain earlier today.

Lisa Lynne ft. Aryeh Frankfurter – “Eliz Iza”.

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Another harp (& nyckelharpa) piece for you today. I know that this is originally a song, with Breton lyrics, and it’s traditional, that it’s otherwise known as Ti Eliz Iza, and I know that ti means house in Breton, so I’d think it’s about the house of someone named Eliz Iza, but I’m not 100% sure that Eliz Iza is actually someone’s name here, it just sounds like it could be. I don’t know Breton so I can’t deciffer the lyrics, and the only translation I’ve found sounds a bit nonsensical. But it’s an instrumental here anyway, so we don’t need to think about the lyrics, I’ve never heard them sung anyway. I just like the melody of this piece, it’s beautiful.

Lisa Lynne ft. Aryeh Frankfurter – “Interlace II”.

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For today, I chose another piece from this duo who make Celtic instrumental music. This is quite a short piece, and it comes from their album Weaving Worlds, where there are I believe 5 of those pieces called Interlace, just because they literally interlace with other tracks on this album. And this is the second one of them.

Lisa Lynne ft. Aryeh Frankfurter – “Autumn Waltz”.

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Today I’d like to share with you another song from this duo, playing harp and nyckelharpa, a few of whose songs I shared with you  in the last months. I think this piece is one of the more evocative of all of their music, and I like how it always makes me imagine a lot.

Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter – “My Lagan Love”.

I’d like to hsare with you another song by this mysterious and multi-instrumentally talented duo. This is a popular Irish folk song apparently originating in county Donegal. The first version of it that I’ve heard was by Celtic Woman and I still really like it, but I also really like this one a whole lot. The “Lagan” in the title seems to most likely come from the river Lagan in Belfast.

Song of the day (12th October) – Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter – “I Am Sitting/Suzie MCGuire”.

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Time for another set of harp pieces. Like a track I recently shared with you by Ailie Robertson, this one also contains two compositions in itself. Sadly, I am unable to tell you anything about them, whether they’re traditional or original or anything about how they have come to life, as I simply don’t know anything. Still, I think they’re worth listening to and the less we know, the more our imaginations can work, right? 🙂

Lisa Lynne is a very talented and acknowledged harpist, generally associated both with folk and new age music, but she seems to feel closer to the former, and also appears to have a strong connection with renaissance music and get a lot of inspiration from it. She apparently also plays other instruments, and previously performed as Lisa Franco. Unfortunately that’s about all I know about her, she seems to appreciate her privacy greatly and there’s not much I’ve managed to find out despite I’ve been listening to her for years. I definitely do not like all of her music as sometimes her harp play just doesn’t speak to me, but still many of her compositions or renditions of traditional ones are absolutely great and relaxing.

I know even less about Aryeh Frankfurter, only that he is also a multiinstrumentalist, and, most interestingly for me, plays nyckelharpa, which you can also hear in this track. For the uninitiated, nyckelharpa, or keyed fiddle (though its name literally means key harp in Swedish) is a string instrument which sounds quite similar to fiddle but has keys. It is heavily used in Swedish, and generally Scandinavian, folk music.