Question of the day.

You’re getting to build the house of your dreams, so…
If you could chose one original piece of art/craft/artefact for your home what would it be?

My answer:

To match the Celtic feel, I would fill the house with all kinds of harps, particularly Welsh ones as my dreamhouse would be in Wales. I would learn to play Celtic harp and I would invite lots of harpists and harpers to my house, make some sorts of harp festivals and I would also design harps on my own. That could be a lot of fun.

You? 🙂

Share Your World.

Here are my answers for Cee’s questions in Share Your World.

If you were to pack a basket for picnic lunch, what would be in your basket?

I’m not big on picnics, but let’s think… garlic bread rolls, some yummy cheese, small piri piri sausages, some chicken, maybe chicken breasts, radishes, olives black and green, maybe other vegs, a bottle of kefir, or Pepsi, or blueberry yoghurt, quite different things but that’s what in my opinion suits best when you eat outdoors, and I would pack some fruit too and and some treats, like some biscuits, spicy crisps or chocolate. These are some of my ideas.

On a vacation what you would require in any place that you sleep?

No tents, no campings, no sleeping bags, no such things, yuck I’m fed up and I don’t think it’ll ever end although the last time I was sleeping in the tent was more than four years ago, I don’t miss it.  I would need a comfy room with a comfy bed, with at least two pillows and some fresh air but not too cold ’cause my feet are always cold and although I don’t care about it during the day, it can make falling asleep hard sometimes. Unless I could be able to make myself a hot bottle or something, then I don’t mind how cold it is in the room. I like having my room cool while I sleep but I need to keep my feet warm, otherwise all is nuts. Unless the temperatures would be like we have today, I think it’s the hottest day in this year so far, so in such case I would definitely manage without any warmers.

If you were to buy a new house/apartment what is the top three items on your wish list?

It would definitely be a house, not an apartment. I would like the bedroom to be possibly distant from the living room or dining room even just because  if some people would come over they wouldn’t pry into my private space and if I were to live there with my family I wouldn’t have to get through the whole living area to get to my room when someone is having guests or something. We had our previous house arranged this way and it was terribly annoying – I came back from somewhere for example and there were my Dad’s friends in the living room, so of course I couldn’t just pass them away but we had a whole ceremony of greetings even though they and me barely knew each other. 😀 Same repeated whenever I or any of my siblings needed to the bathroom or anywhere actually. If we’d live together I think it would be wise to have two bathrooms. And a balcony could be nice.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

Misha, progress iin my languages, blogging,writing. On Monday I had an psych appointment and I was finally assessed and diagnosed with dysthymia and AVPD. It was a bit exhausting, but I think good overall, and at least I know what’s up with me. It was Mother’s Day on Saturday and Zofijka’s birthday on Sunday, and, apart from some minor but rather rough incidents taking place on both days and affecting me quite a lot, I enjoyed the weekend and overall it was fun. Also I finally managed to get the new book by my favourite writer Małgorzata Musierowicz and I had loads of pleasure reading it, pity though that is already over, I’m waiting for the next one. It was quite a cool week overall, I must say.


Questions and answers.

Ashley over at Mental Health @ Home

has provided her readers with some questions which she was asked by people who nominated her for various awards so thought I’d answer them too, the more that Meg says it’s my turn now.

answer them too if you’d like, I’d love to see your answers. 🙂

Questions from Michele – The Hippy Chic

Whom do you have in your day to day life that inspires you?

My Mum, with her attitude to life, love, support and lots of good advices, my sis – with her crazy ideas and her child-like outlook on things, my grandad – with his versatility, believing in me, strength and sense of safety and uncoditional acceptance he gives me, my crushes with their music and all about them, my favourite writers with beauty of their books, my cat Misha with his beauty and emotional support he gives me every day and night.

What crises has God pulled you through recently?

The whole drama of exams and related stuff, and my emotional turmoil that was the consequence of it all.

List 5 healthy coping strategies you have incorporated into your life that have replaced any bad habits or addictions?

Writing my emotions and thoughts out instead of bottling them up or cutting is the one that comes to my mind right now, well I still bottle up and cut but not as much as in the past.

What is your all time favorite band?

All time favourite… well I have lots of all time favourite artists, but for some reason they’re mostly vocalists. Does Enya count as a band? Enya, Nicky and Roma Ryan actually say they’re a band named Enya.

Are you happy?

As most of people, I guess I’m somewhere in the middle. I can’t say I’m unhappy, even though I’m depressive most of the time and I was unhappy for most of my life, it would be a huge lie to say that I’m unhappy now. I can’t say I’m happy though, because I’m not happy all the time. I still think I’m lucky as for a person with a depressive disorder because I do experience some glimpses of happiness here and there and am not anhedonic all the time which helps me enjoy the life and cultivate my passions.

What is your favourite movie and why?

“Rännstensungar” – it is a Swedish film and I don’t think it has an English translation or subtitles. I mostly like it because one of my music crushes – Cornelis Vreeswijk – plays a role there, and does it really well. I like the character he plays and I like the plot of the film, also because a huge part of it is disability.

If you could dine with your hero, who would that be?

Mmm, my hero… in what context? Generally if you’d ask me who is my hero I’d say God, and yes, it would be a very interesting, thrilling and nice perspective to have a dinner with Jesus or with the whole Holy Trinity. In more colloquial sense of the word hero, I could say all of my music crushes are my heroes, inspirations, and much more. The English word crush doesn’t really cover all that they’re for me, but something deeper would be too exalted, I suppose. Anyway, yes, I think I’m gonna pick all my crushes cuz they’re all equal for me and they are Enya, Declan Galbraith, Cornelis Vreeswijk and Gwilym Bowen Rhys. Well diningwith Vreeswijk is as realistic as dining with Jesus since he has passed away 30 years ago, but oh well… dreams… 😀

How do you give back or pay it forward?

If I understand the expression well, I try to be as supportive and helpful for my friends as I can when they need it. I am also in a sort of prayer group online where we pray for souls suffering in purgatory.

In what way does music impact your life?

In a whole lot of ways. It gives me inspiration, harmonises with my emotions, is a gate to my Dreamland, soothes my anxiety, helps me to recover after loads of social interactions, enriches my life, and affects me also in many other positive ways that sometimes ae even a bit hard to explain. There are also bad ways in which music can impact me. Some sounds can make me anxious, most often it’s just like a slight disquiet in my brain, but sometimes the anxiety can last for quite a while and be very hard to cope with. Sometimes such sounds can be in music. But it is also music that is the best cure for me for this kind of anxiety. Well maybe not, the best cure is time, but some right kind of music works the best to help me survive while the anxiety is still there.

What gets you excited, or willing to rise every morning?

Misha meowing at my door to let him out of the room. He usually sleeps with me through the night but wakes up between 3-7 AM, so if I want him to sleep with me, I also need to let him out. And I can’t leave the door open because he won’t go to sleep then, plus I’m simply not used to sleep with my door wide open. I am a very heavy sleeper if I can sleep well, but when Misha meows I wake up immediately.

Do you consider yourself worthy of love and admiration?


Questions from A Guy Called Bloke And K9 Doodlepip

Apparently these questions should be answered on a dirty used sock. There are profuse amounts of such in my house, however I highly doubt there is a way you can put it into a Brailler, I’m afraid my embosser wouldn’t handle a sock either. 😀

WhAt is the WEirDeSt thing about you?

Hmmmmmm… well honestly I’ve just been sitting at this question for a while thinking about all those absurdly weird things about me and sighing and finally my Mum came in and saved me, cus I just don’t know which of all those is the weirdest. She says the weirdest thing about me is that despite my disabilities my IQ seems to be above average from all the tests I’ve been through. I mean, I was born with DeMorsier syndrome which’s an endocrynological condition and most of children born with it are retarded, most of them (including me) have hypothyroidism. Wise people say that all the children who are born with hypothyroidism are severely retarded both physically and psychomotorically, which doesn’t seem to be true in my case. That hypothyroidism I apparently have is another weird thing since nowadays I don’t seem to experience any symptoms of it other than mood dips, plus most people with it struggle with overweight while I am underweight and my metabolism is fairly quick, but my hormones still indicate I have hypothyroidism. I wasn’t born premature, rather the opposite but I was in the incubator for quite a while because of some complications and they say it can affect baby’s intellectual development. When I was a toddler it was clear that I’m not delayed intellectually but I had a bunch of autism-like behaviours like I had a whole lot of stims, I wasn’t shy or anxious among other people but I had some bizarre and amusing social behaviours and a bit autism-like way of thinking and relating to people and myself. And When I was like in my early school years it was almost all mysteriously gone. I still do have autistic traits, but apparently not enough to be diagnosed with anything, one of the caretakers at the boarding school was very concerned I might be an Aspie so I had an assessment in that direction but they said I don’t fulfill the criteria for Asperger’s. I kinda like my autism-like part of mind, I must admit, because it gives me some different perspective on various things. My neurologist says I most probably had to have some very mild brain injury that caused my balance coordination and other issues. And my Mum isn’t objective, she thinks I’m intellectually outstanding or something, which I don’t think because I don’t know how it could manifest, but still I think it’s weird that I’ve been through all that as a child and thinking fairly neatly, could agree with my Mum it’s a bit of a miracle. 😀 Ugh, and my lengthy writing is surely a weird thing too, but I guess more common luckily.

If you had a choice to be haunted by a ghost, who would you pick and why?

Again I’m gonna pick Cornelis Vreeswijk, I’ve been dreaming and fantasising about being haunted by him for years hahaha I think it’d be fabulous. Do I still need to explain why him? It would be very very very lengthy, so think twice in case you still think I should, although I’d have nothing against going in depth into it.

Which cartoon character do you resemble the most?

Um, I’m terribly ignorant as for cartoons, so sorry, no idea. :/

Is there anything orange within 10 feet of you right now? WHAT???

Don’t think so, can’t think of anything orange here.

John Belushi in Animal House 1978 is a classic, however if you haven’t seen it, nor care for it, well it isn’t! However the question IS have you ever been involved in a Food Fight?? Fess up, how, when , why?


Have you figured it out yet and if so what is the point? That’s the question, not 2 B or not 2 B but the point?

I haven’t figured it out fully but I’m afraid there is a possibility that there might be  no point at all.

What is the opposite to being scared of heights?

Wondering whether there are any people who are scared of lows and how it feels… I’m scared of heights and my own opposite of it would be feeling grounded.

Now it’s your turn guys. We all know you want to answer them too so come on, don’t pretend it’s not true and don’t hesitate. 🙂


Question of the day.

You’re getting to build the house of your dreams, so…
What name do you give the house?

My answer:

It would depend where exactly it’d be located, I mean what would be around, like for example our current house does have a name and it is taken from the name of the street we live on, which can be directly translated as Acacia Street, so we planted some acacias on the backyard and the river runs through it, so we called the house Acacia River. SO I think I’d take the inspiration from the surroundings or from the look of the house. Other than that, it could be also inspired by Celtic culture, however at the moment I don’t have any clever ideas. Things like Avalon or Camelot or related are a bit too cliche, I guess, plus not really personalised I’d say. I also wouldn’t use anything with Celtic in the name because a) it’s too obvious and b) I have a feeling like the word Celtic is slightly overrated these days, like lots of stuff that has nothing to do with anything Celtic has Celtic in its name and that’s so weird and I don’t really know why it happens. Oh, as I’m writing this I got an interesting idea. Not sure whether I’d use it, but it’s funny. As I wrote two days ago about the location of my dream house, I would particularly like it to be somewhere in North Wales, maybe in Gwynedd. There is a town in Wales (South Wales, but never mind, I think), called Caerffili (Caerphilly). Caer means castle or fort in Welsh, while Ffili is the name of the man that is said to build the fort in Caerphilly, hence its name, or from lord Philip de Braose. And I have a friend who calls me Millie. So I could call my house Caermillie, or CaerMilly, or Caermili, never mind the spelling, but, you get it, in reference to Caerphilly, so that would mean Millie’s fort/castle. 😀 Quite a quirky idea, but I like it, I must admit.

How would you name yours?

Music Monday Blog Party ath the Bee’s – Elin Bell – Grey Is All.

Hi guys! 🙂

So it’s Monday again and another opportunity to celebrate our lives and take part in the Bee’s Music Monday Blog Party🙂

Yesterday was Zofijka’s 11th birthday. Unfortunately, the skunk slippers which I mentioned last week that I bought haven’t got through yet, but hope they will very soon. We still have some leftovers from Zofijka’s birthday and from Mother’s Day that is always on 26th May in Poland, so today I celebrated my life with the last piece of sponge cake with mascarpone cheese, jelly and strawberries, which was delicious, and with my favourite raspberry tea. Before I did it though, I did the Tibetan exercises. I thought I’d be stuck on five repeats for a while, but I’m doing 7 of which exercise now. I still don’t do them perfectly because of my Achilles tendons being messed up so that I can’t straighten my legs fully, but thought I’d increase the numer of repeats because I didn’t feel tired at all after those 5 repeats of each, so thought I can do more. And it’s going relatively well, anyway better than I would assume it could go with my legs and coordination, however I’m not experiencing any of these magic effects that my Mum seems to have.

And the song I’ve chosen for today is one that I fell in love with last autumn. It’s my favourite song by Elin Bell. Elin Bell – or actually Elin Petersson – is a Swedish artist making kinda electropop music. I think she’s really good.

Friendly Fill-ins.

Here are this week’s Friendly Fill-ins, hosted by 15 And Meowingand Four-legged Furballs

and my answers.


  1. It is __________________.

2.The best part of last week was ____________________.

  1. Every summer, I _________.
  2. Once upon a time, _________.
    1. It is __________________. Zofijka’s birthday today.

    2.The best part of last week was ____________________. getting the new Małgorzata Musierowicz book – the one I talked about in the Weekend Coffee Share – OMG I had so much laugh of it.

    1. Every summer, I _________. am at least once on the beach. The advantages of living almost at the seaside.
      1. Once upon a time, _________. there was a creature called Jim, who looked as a 11-year-old boy, but in fact was the last of the species called jimosaurus. Jim lived in the forests of Australia and his food was helping other beings. That’s roughly how each of the episodes of the fairytale I created for Zofijka starts.