Month of blogging, yaaay!

Exactly. My Inner MishMash had its official birthday three days ago, but since I spent three days on setting it up, the actual birth took place on 26th of January. So far I am really excited with blogging and everything about that, moreover, I feel like it never was as enjoyable for me and as successful on any with my previous blogs as it is now.

Also I would like to thank you all who are following my blog, reading, liking and commenting my posts, I am extremely grateful to you and so very happy you are here.

But I am also curious if you like it here and what speciffically you like here, hence I thought I will make a poll.

Thanks in advance for voting and I will be even more thankful if you have any suggestions or ideas about what you’d like to see here in future and if you will let me know about them in the comments. I have some ideas I would like to start in future, but as ideas are never too many, yours will be enormously appreciated as well. Also feel free to give me any additional honest feedback in the comments if you’d like to.


Blogger appreciation award.

Guys, I am so very happy to tell you that Carol Anne over at Therapy Bits, nominated me for the Blogger Appreciation Award. Thanks, Carol Anne. 🙂 I appreciate it a lot, especially since I am still quite a newbie in the blogosphere.
Definitely do check out her blog if you haven’t seen it before, especially if you are interested in mental health stuff or suffer from any kind of mental illness.
Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their site. Use the award image.
Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself.
Nominate and notify as many bloggers as you wish.
So as for my paragraph, let’s say:
I am intelligent, have a good sense of humour, am good at analysing other people’s minds and personalities and in learning new languages, especially catch their sounds quickly. Bloggers I nominate:
Elin at See My Way:
Meagan at Tulip By Any Name:
Blood Sex Glitter
Kirsty over at English With Kirsty and Unseen Beauty:
Check them all out, they’re really great.

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First post.

Hi hi people! 🙂

So thrilled and happy that I finally have this blog. 🙂

I’d like to once again give a very warm welcome to all my readers. Since I wrote quite a lot about myself in the about me page, I think I won’t do it now again.

This first post is just to wish you a very nice time here in My Inner MishMash. I hope you’ll enjoy being here as much as I’m enjoying now.