5 things I like about myself.

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I have to admit this is probably gonna be a little hard for me to pick those things about me and be objective, but let’s give it a go:

1. I quite like my figure. I am very slim, my Mum keeps joking I am morbidly skinny though. 😀 I was kind of too skinny for years when I was younger, but now, while I’m slim, I’ve heard from lots of people that I look femininely at the same time, because I have quite well outlined hips while still having the waist which I like. I like to be feminine. I don’t particularly like my breasts though to be honest, because due to growth hormone treatment I had for hypothyroidism, I feel like they are too big in comparison to my figure and overall weight, if I had to choose between the extremes I’d rather prefer to have too small ones than too big, I won’t have children and won’t be breastfeeding them either way, so it’s a bit pointless, but well that’s life. 😀

2. I like my ability to learn new languages. I get their accents quickly, or at least can mimick them which makes people laugh, but I also am a lover of words so absorb the vocabulary fairly quickly and I am pretty sensitive to linguistical details, like the way people talk, mistakes they make while talking, etc. etc. I really do like it, but sometimes it can be bothering if you talk with someone who has some annoying way of speaking or makes a lot of mistakes because I focus too much on details instead of what they say, my Mum has it too.

3. I am a good listener. Or at least so I can guess because lots of people come to me with their troubles and joys. Almost everyone from my immediate family likes to tell me about what matters to them, or to just rant at the world, or even want me to give them advice on things I’ve never had experience before. Sometimes when I give them advice they’re like “Oh wow! I didn’t think about it! I’ll do so!” like I’d explore something that no one knew about before lol. And I must say I quite like listening to people, their stories, learn more about them, it’s somehow fascinating. What my Mum told me recently surprised me greatly. She told me she thinks she’d probably become crazy if I wasn’t at home with her, because she wouldn’t have no one to talk to and to have “intellectual discussions” with. 😀 I felt really special (especially that I’d never thought that I may make any significant support in her particular case and I was very surprised to hear it.

4. I like that I “feel” other people easily. I am fairly good at feeling others emotions, I can easily know what their personalities are like, and usually I’m right in my assumptions, but try to not attach to them too much in case they’re not right. My grandad calls me X-ray because of that, or clairvoyant. 😀 And my Mum often asks me about opinions I have on people, although she’s pretty much the same and also feels people very well, maybe even better because she’s a visual and there are so many visual details that can tell you a lot about a person.

5. I like my sense of humour and my intelligence, I list them together because I don’t think they can exist without each other. They have both helped me in so many situations in my life.

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Question of the day.

Do you have any birthmarks or scars?

My answer:

Well who doesn’t… not many people, I guess. I have very light skin, which I actually do like and wouldn’t like to have darker, hence I don’t particularly like to sun bathe, maybe just my legs from time to time, but I guess that’s also the reason why I have quite a lot of birthmarks. They aren’t big or objectively significantly unsightly or something, but… meh, I just don’t like them and would most willingly get rid of them, and maybe will do it sometime in the future if it will be possible, I mean safe, at least with some of them. Same case is Zofijka. Some people say they are “beauty spots”, but I definitely don’t think so.

As for scars, I have very small ones, almost invisible now, on my Achilles tendons, after the surgery I had 11 years ago, I had to have them lengthened. I have a very small scar from smallpox on my forehead, which is actually also invisible because I’ve almost always had a fringe so it covers it completely. I have lots of scars from self harm, especially on my legs, some are almost invisible, some are pretty glaring, they are very varying, I also have some on my arms and other places on my skin, but usually even at the stage when I self harmed the most I was quite paranoid about someone seeing that I self harm, so I tried to do it somewhere that would be easy to hide. I have scars on my calves after those weird skin infection I’ve been having regularly since three years. And recently I had some contact allergy stuff on my cheek, I completely have no idea what caused it, anyway, as my skin doesn’t seem to heal easily, looks like I’ll have a scar after it because it wasn’t anything really serious but a few months have passed and it’s still there and looks like a scar, but maybe it just needs some time to heal, I’d be glad because although it’s small, it’s still visible and it’s weird as I don’t know the cause of it happening. SO apart from the self injuries I don’t have many of them luckily.

How about you?

Question of the day.

What is the last bestseller you read? Did you like it?

My answer:

Bestseller… omg, I don’t know! I rarely read books just because they are bestsellers, there has to be something more to it to encourage me, moreover, I’m actually slightly allergic to massively popular things and if everyone talks about a book, I am often bored of it before I even read it. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t ever read books like “Twilight” series or “Harry Potter”. I don’t mean to say EVERY bestseller is bad and awful and worthless, just that usually what is popular isn’t that much attractive for me, though there are exceptions. Another thing is that even if I read a bestseller, I might be completely unaware it is a bestseller, simply because I just don’t trace what is best selling at the moment. Plus what is a best seller where you live, doesn’t necessarily have be a bestseller here, and vice versa, so, hm, it’s a bit subjective word, pretty much dependent on location and/or community, imo.

But well, let’s think… The last book I read and can recall that it was labelled as bestseller is “The Language Of Flowers” by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. It was released years ago – in 2011 – but I’ve heard about it like a few months ago. It was recommended to me by a Polish website (like GoodReads), I saw it was highly promoted and recommended, there, I’ve even heard it was promoted by celebs and lots of other people, reviewed frequently on this site. It made me a bit cautious, but I thought the plot sounds very interesting and so I took a risk and it turned out to be a fantastic read and it has stuck in my mind in some way.

How about you?

Share Your World.

Traditionally, I’m answering Cee’s questions which she asks us every week in her Share Your World



Been anywhere recently for the first time?

Recently? Don’t remember, so guess not.


List three favorite book characters.

Valancy Stirling – “Blue Castle”.

Dean Priest – “Emily Of New Moon” series (and almost all the characters from these series, but for some reason I’ve always really liked Dean).

Melania (Mila) Borejko – “Jeżycjada” series.


What is your favorite non alcololic drink: hot or cold?

Kefir, kefir, kefir, kefir and… hmm, did I mention kefir? Other than that, water, or water with lemon juice, raspberry tea is my newest discovery, hot chocolate or cocoa, although I rarely have it, strong, black coffee, but also latte or cappucino, buttermilk, orange juice, Pepsi, milkshakes, almond milk.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

Misha, blogging and writing, some nice time with my Mum. I had a Zombie day =completely sleepless night last week and after that I was so sleepy that my sleep cycle settled a bit, but it’s still not perfect, but at least something. My family finally got over this tummy bug so at least one less thing I’m anxious about. I finally wrote my History control assignment, couldn’t motivate to it for a long time and it wasn’t a masterpiece, but at least i did it and passed. Misha has a new cartonboard house in my room where he sleeps willingly and spends all days and nights with me which’s nice. My crush Gwilym Bowen Rhys released an album, or rather took part on the album with various other artists, it was released on 6th April, there are two songs of his, I always love it when my music crushes make something new, of course I am a happy owner of this album already.


My fav word *long post*.

Another challenge I’d like to take part in this week is #WYF hosted by Eve over at Revenge Of Eve

What’s my fav word?

As I saw Eve’s post, my first thought was “But, in which language?”. 😀 Guys I have so many favourite words, in so many languages, not only in thesE i am able to communicate in but also other my favourite languages which I didn’t start to learn seriously yet. I even had a time in my life when I was doing a yearly ranking of my favourite words. I am a lover of words and languages and linguistics so this is a damn hard question to answer and I am afraid I won’t be able to answer with just one word, it’s simply impossible, but I’ll try to narrow it down somehow, although am not sure if I’ll manage lol.

OK so in Polish, my mother tongue, my all time favourite word is kulka (KUWL-kah). It means a little ball. I just find it very charming. When I was a little girl, I was playing a lot with glass and metal balls, I just liked them a lot and I liked the word kulka equally. I like how flexible it is. The big ball is kula (but not the ball you can play sports with, this one is piłka), a bit smaller is kulka, smaller than kulka is kuleczka, kulcia, kulinka, kulisia, whatever, the case of your creativity.

My other favourite Polish word is mózg (muwsk) which means brain. I am very interested in brain in general, but none of the languages I love and know how brain is called in them, has an equally nice word for it. I just love to use it whenever possible, even overuse it in some eccentric ways, I use it more than I realise. I can even say when I have a headache that my mózg is aching. Sometime ago my Mum was washing her hair and someone rang to our door, I opened and the person wanted to see Mum, and was quite astonished when I informed her that Mum is washing her mózg. 😀

From some more international words that exist in Polish I love miszmasz or mish mash, it’s so funny and nice to hear. It means the same in Polish in case you wondereD

From some older, a bit colloquial and maybe even archaic for some people words I absolutely adore wydudlić (vi-DUWD-leech, or something close to it any way). It’s an old, underused word meaning to drink something very quickly and greedily. We also have wtranżolić (vtrahn-ZHAW-leech) which means to eat something quickly and greedily, although it doesn’t have this slightly childish feel as wydudlić has.

For swear words my favourite is pierniczyć (pyer-NEE-chich, well English phonetics can’t manage it!). It’s an infinitive, often used in an expressions like “Ja pierniczę (a bit of an equivalent of fuck it or something). THe word pierniczyć or the phrase ja pierniczę doesn’t have any particular meaning as far as I know other than being a swearword, but it’s related (at least etymologically) to the word piernik – ginger bread. It’s such a fantastic swear word, although rather light. Cholera (haw-LE-rah) is one of the words I use in more harsh situations and literally it means the same as in English, as a swearword it’s an equivalent of damn. Cholipa (haw-LEE-pah, the same swear meaning, but not so expressive) is also funny, or its charming diminutive cholipcia.

Recently I’ve come across a deliciously old and archaic, very colloquial word – pitigrilić się – for having sex. I just felt in love with it, pity it seems to be no longer in use.

Oh, and I can’t resist to not mention a very modern, every day word, which doesn’t sound like it originated here, but I don’t know where it did. It’s gites (GEE-tes). Someone asks you how you’re doing and if it’s like really really cool you can just say it’s gites. Or simply git.

OK, that’s for Polish.

The word that would climb very high in my yearly ranking if I did one last year would be glimpse. I love this word more and more. It sounds a bit magical. I like many simple words in English, for example I’ve been in love with the word sleep since early childhood. It’s so soothing and… I dunno, sleepy lol. But in a nice way. I love the word hijack. It sounds so ridiculous like “Hi Jack!”, but I like it for that. I like the name Jack, you know. 😀 From more sophisticated words (oh yes, I love sophisticated!) I adore mellifluous. It’s so mellifluous, I guess we don’t even have the exact word for it in Polish, I mean like a literal translation of it. And there are so many more, but I don’t want to bore you and make this post longer than necessary. But I need to mention one more word which is cringy.

Now let’s talk about Swedish words a bit.

My favourite Swedish word is krim kram. I guess it also exists in other Germanic languages like Dutch or German, although I’m not sure. Krim kram means pretty much the same as English knick-knacks. But krim kram sounds more lyrical and funny at the same time in my opinion. In Polish krim kram are called bibeloty, and this is also a fantastic, old-fashioned word. There are loads and loads of fascinating Swedish words. As for my absolutely favourite Swedish swearword, well if you speak Swedish it won’t be anything very exotic – I love skit. Skit is pronounced similarly to the word sheet, but sk is quite a weird sound, although I can make it I don’t know how to explain it to other people. It means shit, but I love how creative Swedes are with using it. First of all, it is milder than shit, and heard almost all the time among young people. It’s not like a normal word you’d use in any situation, but a very mild swearword. ANd it may also mean dirt of any kind. It’s a bit like English fucking, you can just throw it in a conversation to strengthen the negativity of what you’re talking about. But they also use in in a positive context, like “Det är skit bra” (This is shit (very) good), Du är skit kull” (You are shit cool). ANd that was kind of new to me and I liked it a lot, to use skit to accentuate something positive. It’s just such a skit cool word.

Then another language I speak a little bit is Welsh. I love, love love the word pilipala (simply pee-lee-pah-lah). It means butterfly and omg it’s so charming, isn’t it? I like words that have pil in them, they’re cute in some way. It often makes me wonder how different impressions this nice little insect might make on people in different languages. We in Polish have motyl – which sounds pretty elegant for me, like a butterfly slowly unwinding its wings and majestically soaring over the meadow. Swedes have fjärill – it’s also a cute, little word, but in a different way than pilipala. Pilipala is funny and kinda mischievous, but fjärill is very lyrical and almost poetic, it has some nostalgic vibe for me, don’t know why. Germans have their schmeterling (don’t know how it’s written as I’ve learnt German only for three years at school, so excuse me if it’s wrong) and it sounds so heavy. I mean, many people don’t like harsh languages, I like them a lot, but schmeterling just doesn’t match with what it means, imo. I’m not a big fan of French and other ROmance languages, they just don’t speak to me, but French papillon is adorable and when I hear it I feel like this word somehow flies, is light and smooth, just delightful. Dutch vlinder is cool, but it’s hard for me to picture something particular when I hear it. But oh gosh, as much as I love English, I don’t like the word butterfly. What I see in my mind when I hear it and focus on it, is definitely not a butterfly. It is simply a fly, desperately wagging its wings in the butter. Ew… Yuck! I don’t know who created this word, but it’s a little bit weird.

Oh gosh what a long digression!!! but well, I’ll leave it… you can always skip it if you want, but I’ll leave it to show you how freaky my mózg can be at times haha.

ANother Welsh word I like is hiraeth. I’ve mentioned it smetime before on my blog. Hiraeth means a longing or yearning to something that basically doesn’t exist. It’s usually in context of your home country, when you’re an emmigrant, and you’ve seen your motherland years ago, idealised it, but it’s not like in your mind. It has changed, plus as I said, the picture in your mind is idealised. But it can also regard anything. I very often experienced hiraeth as a child, that’s probably why I resonate so much with this word. Also I’ve heard from my Welsh friend that hiraeth is a longing for something you can’t precise for some reason. And that’s also a thing I’m familiar with.

I would also like to mention a very expressive Wenglish phrase here. It’s actually Wenglish. Wenglish is easily enough a combination of Welsh and English, mainly spoken in the south of Wales, in the valleys. Actually, in the form I like it the most, it apparently isn’t seriously used. They have three words for describing the feeling of rage, anger, madness… These are: tampin’, fumin’ and ragin’. I love them all! And I’ve heard that there was a series in Wales called “The Valleys” and one of the characters used to say “I’m tampin’ fumin’ ragin'”! I loved it immediately as I’ve heard about it. ‘Cause when you like all these words, why make a choice or compromise? Use them all! I love how accurately they describe it when you’re super mad. It doesn’t happen often to me, but when it does, it’s really hard and overwhelming, and it’s really like tampin’ fumin’ ragin’.

Lastly (I promise!)  I want to tell you about my favourite Finnish swear word. I don’t speak Finnish, I know some basics, and my Finnish friend who is also blind taught me a lot of swearwords and other handy expressions like that, but that’s all I can say in Finnish for now. Nevertheless I love this language. It sounds so cool and calm, or at least it seems so, it seems to me just like Finns, but because they always accentuate the first syllable, in my opinion, their language sounds like what you say is very significant. So it’s perfect for declarations of love, or hatred, or releasing your silent anger. You don’t have to scream when you swear in Finnish, just put enough expression in what you say and the rest will come on its own. My favourite swearword of all those I know in Finnish, is vittu, which means cunt or pussy and it is used like fuck in English. For some reason I like it much more than English fuck. It’s also the most popular Finnish swearword apparently. I also like to use perkele, which means devil, or helvetti for hell, or even Swedish helvete with the same meaning, also used in Finland very often.

If you speak any other languages than your native, do you like to swear in it/them, even if not in the country where it’s spoken? I like it a lot and it’s fun, although of course not in all circumstances, sometimes I guess it may lead to pretty awkward situations. 😀 I’ve had a few, but they turned out to be pretty funny. My school friend used to joke I have to be possessed, because she heard somewhere that when people are possessed they swear in multiple languages. 😀 I doubt it though, that would be a rather weird sign for me and sounds like taken out of some paranormal book. 😀

OK, sorry for making it so long, but really wanted to share with you my at least a few most favourite words, and maybe hear what yours are, and what you think of all these i mentioned.


Friendly Fill-ins.

Again, a bit late – but better late than never – I’m participating in Friendly Fill-ins, held by

15 And Meowing

and MCGuffy’s Reader

1. … Gwilym Bowen Rhys is one of my… music crushes.

2. I… am going to… have final exams in May. But I guess my brain is going to freak out and explode before it happens.

3. I have a hard time… falling asleep at night. It always takes me at least 15 minutes, unless I’m like really really knackered and it’s pretty annoying. I am jealous for people like my Dad who fall asleep once they lay down.

… Learning languages, especially their sounds, is easy for me.


Question of the day.

What is an art form you admire/respect, more than like?

My answer:

Quite hard to say. I think I pay more attention to details like how a piece of art is done and who did it and for what kind of purposes than just simply to what kind of art form it is. I love books, but I can’t tell you I love all kinds of books, right now I am at the stage when I’m pretty picky about what I read, despite I read all the time. And I love writing but can’t say I just love writing for the sake of just writing, I prefer some forms of writing over others and I’m better at some than at others. But well I think I could say I love books and writing and I definitely respect people who are good at writing and have a real gift for it.

Another kind of art I generally like is music. But I also wouldn’t rather say “I love music”. I’m pretty versatile as for what I like to listen to, but still, I won’t listen to all kinds of music with the same love/admiration. And I almost hate doing music on my own, my fantastic school discouraged me from it by constant encouraging or actually forcing, so even if I have some gift for it, I no longer care about it and as I’ve told you before I feel much more in the right place as a listener (or let’s say critic, as it sounds so sophisticated and wise :P) of music. But OK, overall I can say that I love a lot of kinds of music, it definitely does speak to me, so maybe I can generalise it and just simply say I love and admire music and people who make it.

Then I have a bit of a soft spot for sculpture and it’s because of my grandad who has sculpted quite a bit in his life in stone and wood. He’s a very versatile man, you know, he seems to be a jack at everything – from medicine, to fishing, to building houses, economy, farming, philosophy and science, nutrition, to sculpting. He’s kinda intellectualist, but also very practical and a bit artsy. And since we’ve always got along pretty well, he often showed me his sculptures which he doesn’t do for many people and I always loved them. Visual arts aren’t very accessible for the visually impaired, but sculpture is a bit more as we can at least feel it, if not recognise what it represents. So I’ve always felt like sculpture is something I am a bit fascinated with, but at the same time is still kind of enigmatic for me.

What I also can say I admire, going back to music for a while, is playing harp. Gosh, when someone can do it, I just love them! I love harp so so much, no matter if it’s a classic harp, Celtic harp, or even Finnish kantele, I like many kinds of harps, although Celtic harp rules. So yeah I absolutely love to hear it and I’m a bit jealous about people who can play it but admire them a lot at the same time.

What art forms do you admire or respect?