About this blog.

As this blog is brand new, let me tell you a bit about it at the beginning. 🙂

Well if you’ve read the About Me page, you probably can guess why I called my blog “My Inner MishMash”. If you don’t know, to put it simply it’s because my cat, who is a big part of my life, is called Misha. Plus I like the word mishmash and I have an impression that my thoughts are always rather mishmashy and my life is quite a mishmash.

OK, but why “What plays in my brain”?

In Polish language, we have such an expression, sort of an idiom – if you’ll translate it literally to English, you’ll get “what plays in one’s soul”. If someone wants you to tell them what plays in your soul, they want you to confide to them a bit. But you can also use it more literally and say for example: “This tune is playing in my soul” and it just means you hear a certain song in your head.

Why I picked brain instead of soul is because I’m into human brain and anything and everything related. I would like to make this blog my more public diary, so share with you what is playing in my brain in my every day life. And also I’d love to share with you some music I love. I’ve done it on my previous blogs and really enjoyed it, I love to share my favourite songs with people. That’s where the title comes from.

What will I post here?

As I said I will share with you my everyday life, not everything about it of course, but some bits that aren’t very private and I plan on making the song of the day series. Besides, I want to share my passons with you. So just write about everything I love. My big dream is that with time I want to make this blog a multilingual space where I could write posts in all the languages I know, since languages are one of my main passions. I would also like to give some space for Misha to express himself in. I want to write some posts from his perspective. We’ve done it before on one of my Polish blogs and people seemed to like it. I really like to write on Misha’s behalf and although I’ve never done it in English, I speak to Misha in all my languages regularly so I think we should succeed with it. As I wrote in about Me page, I am blind and have several mental issues, so my blindness and mental health related stuff can be also often seen as a topic.

So if you are a language geek, or share any other passions with me, love cats, are blind or suffer from a mental illness(es) or want to know more about something of the above, I hope you’ll find something for yourself here. Of course with time I might get some new ideas for posts and hope this blog will be growing up and developing.

If you’ll have any questions, ideas, suggestions, whatever it might be you want to share with me, please do let me know about them. Feel free to contact me at:

jackie . ysbiwr @ gmail . com.

Hope you’ll have nice time in my mishmashy world.