Question of the day (16th March).

   What is your most useless achievement? 

   My answer:

   The first thing that comes to my mind is graduating high school, and even with honours (or rather our Polish equivalent of that). 😀 It’s funny and was totally useless, because months later, as you may or may not be aware, it turned out that I failed my Maths final exam, and you have to pass all your finals in order to go anywhere further in your education. I failed it miserably enough that that I decided not to retake it, as I had very little idea about what I’d do afterwards anyway, so I guess it’s possible that in the end my finals and any further education would end up being a useless achievement too. As I wrote in a post about useless skills, I guess some of my languages, namely Swedish, Welsh and Norwegian, may be considered useless for me as well, so if we think of them as such, then my achievements related to them can definitely be called useless. Not that I care particularly much though. 


3 thoughts on “Question of the day (16th March).”

  1. That really bites that your math issues held you back. I was always a whiz at math, but I struggled mightily with social studies and science; and in college, I barely scraped by in both. For science, I was able to take a really easy course called science for liberal arts. And in social studies, I had to get my brother to share his notes and explain everything to me, after I dropped the class from the difficult teacher and signed back up with an easier one. So I’m sad that your math issues didn’t have, like, a work-around. That bites.

    Hmm… my most useless achievement… what a fun question! 😀 I’ll go with graduating from middle school, because my grandmother said to me that day, “You haven’t really graduated from anything yet,” and I was offended. Epic grandmotherly fail. [Facepalm.]

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