2 thoughts on “Nansi Richards – “Dŵr Glân” (Pure Water).”

  1. Hey Emilia,

    I was wondering: How you got the circumflex over the W when you were writing DWR?

    I cannot get it with my keyboard [through holding the letter I can get lots of diacritics – and then of course I remember there is an Extended set of letters and symbols in most self-respecting and Unicode-compatible text editors].

    And the Telynores Malden name is intriguing.

    Malden I know is a place and a set of hills in two English counties near the Welsh border.

    So it may or may not make sense that Nansi may have wanted to use it for one of her performing names.

    [Found the circumflex W in Accented Latin Characters and have now added it to my favourite symbols and emoji so the next time something Welsh comes up which has that letter it will be available to me readily!]

    [when I was first setting up my iMac I added my own command for Emoji and Symbols – or at least its keyboard shortcut which is f{unctio}n key+E].

    And then I wondered if the Malden Hills had any mineral springs or wells – and how common they are in Wales.

    Because this song did sound like tinkly water.

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    1. The way I do W with circumflex is I just have a Welsh as one of my keyboard languages, so I can switch between them quickly, and when you have Welsh selected as your keyboard language it’s just Option+W, but I’m glad you’ve found a way to make it work for you. 🙂
      As for Nansi, she was actually Telynores Maldwyn, but for whatever reason my Mac decided to autocorrect that and I didn’t even notice. I honestly don’t know where she got the inspiration for her bardic name from, I know though that Maldwyn is a Welsh male given name and I believe there are some places in Wales called Maldwyn as well.


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