The Lovely Wars – “Brân i Frân” (Crow for Crow).

   Hey people! 🙂 

   We’ve had a lot of Welsh music on here. But as much as in the beginnings of this blog it was mostly pop/rock, lately there’s been a lot more of Welsh folk on here, which happens to reflect a slight shift in my own listening habits where Welsh music specifically is concerned, so today I thought it would be a good idea to go back to pop for a bit. The Lovely Wars is a five-piece band from Cardiff, formed by Ani Saunders and her former school friends – Alice and Ceri. – The other two members – Bill and Dan – joined a little later. The band’s name was inspired by a 1965 satirical musical  by Joan Littlewood called Oh, It’s a Lovely War. It tackled serious, difficult issues in a witty and humourous way, and Ani says she wanted to do the same with her band. Together with her sister Gwenno (whose music I love and shared two songs from her album Tir Ha Mor (Land and Sea) in the VERY early days of this blog) Ani was also a member of an English indie pop girl group called the Pipettes. At the moment she’s doing quite well on the Welsh-language music scene as a solo artist under the name  Ani Glass. Her father is the Cornish poet and linguist Tim Saunders, who writes in several Celtic languages but mostly Cornish, and he is also a fluent Cornish speaker, so both Ani and Gwenno speak Cornish in addition to Welsh and English. Ani is actually an illustrator by trade and has worked on album artwork for various musicians. 


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