Question of the day.

   What food do you think is overrated? 

   My answer: 

   The thing that pops into my mind is avocado. But probably a lot of so called super foods could belong in there too. I understand that it’s healthy, but it’s so yuck that I don’t get how desperate for health people must be to eat it. 

  Also most fast food in my opinion. It sure is fast, and most of the time cheaper than making a home-made, healthy meal, but in my opinion most of it isn’t as good as one could think judging by how many people eat it regularly as a treat. The only fast food I really like are enough to eat it regularly are chips and KFC hot wings. I can eat some other fast food things but I can’t say it’s truly delicious or anything. 

   Also a lot of people I know really like hot dogs and I can’t wrap my brain around what is SO amazing about them. 😀 

   And pizza. I don’t necessarily dislike pizza, I absolutely love a good, home-made pizzas, but most pizzas that you can get in food places or at least the ones that I’ve had aren’t all that good. A truly good, noteworthy pizza is a rare thing in my experience. 

   What are your overrated food picks? 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

    1. Yeah, it sounds weird! I mean I get that it may have some additional stuff in it that’s supposed to be healthy, but the idea of a vitamin water doesn’t sound very convincing to me. Similarly I think all the flavoured waters are quite overrated too. Sofi used to buy a lot of strawberry-flavoured water and I found that weird why someone would do that rather than drink normal strawberry juice or plain water, or mix both at home by yourself. 😀


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