Question of the day.

   Do you ever see wild animals? 

   My answer: 

   Well, given the fact that I’m blind, I don’t really get to see or be in any kind of contact with wild animals a lot. That being said though, I grew up in the countryside, having a forest on the other side of our gate, and now live in a place which perhaps is part of a town, strictly speaking, but feels a lot more like a village, so I still do see wild animals sometimes. We are often visited by all kinds of wild, stray cats from the whole area. Now that Jocky is around it happens a lot less and they’re a lot less brave around here, but when we first moved in here they would often move around our backyard very care-freely, not caring about my Dad’s attempts at scaring them away. Our place is also very well-liked by various birds, from kingfishers and blackbirds to magpies and seagulls (the latter two are Jocky’s worst enemies as they keep stealing his food when he’s asleep or on the other side of the backyard, and they’re nasty to Misha too ‘cause they like to drive him up the wall with their noise and he can’t even retaliate because he’s closed in here, and when he manages to escape they often scare him and seem like they’re laughing at him. We are also very often visited by hedgehogs, which is super cool because we all really like hedgehogs, they’re so cute. I got to feel a hedgehog quite a few times. Unfortunately, Jocky can be very nasty to them and has killed a few. 

   Just the other day, a blackbird hit our terrace window while my parents and their friends were having a little party. My Dad took care of it right away and wanted to call the rescue people, but the bird sadly died in the meantime. And then my Dad brought it to show it to me. Honestly, at first I had no idea what he was showing me and I got a total brainfuck for a few seconds. I had a quick feel of a small, silky, shapely, oddly limp head and immediately got chills, ‘cause some little part of my brain thought that my Dad was holding a little piece of Misha and I thought something happened to him, like that he must have gotten out while they were out and had some sort of gory accident or something. That was just a really really brief moment, I didn’t even manage to form that thought properly, but I already thought like I was going to get a heart attack, in my mind this limp little bird looked so much as if it was a little piece of Misha’s body. Only after a little while I realised that Misha is actually tucked away safely in my own wardrobe, and when I looked more closely I finally knew that it was feathers rather than fur and figured out what happened. It looked so sad and pitiful, but so cute as if it was sleeping. My Dad has a particular love for such little wild creatures, which perhaps may seem strange for some who know him but he really does, so he was quite depressed and no longer into partying so after that he promptly went to bed. So yeah, technically I saw a wild animal fairly recently, but for practical reasons I don’t have such opportunities very often. 

   Oh, and another fairly recent situation that I obviously didn’t see directly, but was present when it happened, was that one day when we were driving back home from church, Mum saw a whole flock of boars crossing through the road. Good thing that no one was driving through that particular place at the time, but it must have looked quite absurd. 

   Oh, and now I’m reminded of yet another thing. When Sofi was just a month old, we were also on a way somewhere, and my Dad spotted a female deer that must have been lost I guess or something else was wrong with her, so he stopped and just picked her up without much thinking I guess and brought her into the car. I’m not sure really what he wanted to achieve, guess show her to Mum or something. Mum was really afraid though that the deer might spread some bacteria or whatever and could infect Sofi, and she felt for her just being picked up abruptly like that, it must have been scary for her. I didn’t get to touch her or anything of course, but I heard her shrieking really loudly, probably in confirmation of my Mum’s words, so Dad quickly took her back from where he picked her from. I remember really feeling for her because that shriek of hers really sounded like she was very scared.

   How about you? 🙂 


7 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. AAUGH!! Dead birds, dead birds, dead birds, AAUGH!! AAUGH!! AAUGH!!

    Sorry. I was having a moment. I have a phobia. 😀 You TOUCHED it?!?! Wow, that’s very brave!! I’m terrified of dead animals, unless it’s my pets. But that was so nice of your dad to try to save the bird, and to let you see it!! ❤

    Yeah, we have a family of deer living in the neighborhood!! Wow. They're gorgeous. And when my mom lived in the country, she had wild turkeys and other animals like coyotes, but I didn't visit often enough to see the coyotes. I did see the wild turkeys. Gorgeous birds!

    And then my dad and I go to the local zoo on my birthday every year! 🙂 But this one time, when I was visiting my aunt in central Indiana (also the country), she took me up the road to someone's property where the woman who lived there had taken in all these wild animals who were injured, or whatever. I saw animals there that I've never seen again, but I can't remember much about it. I was an adult, but it was a long time ago, maybe twenty years. But it was really awesome and just amazing.

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    1. Oh no, I’m so sorry, I totally forgot about your phobia when I was writing that post!!! I’d have put some warning otherwise.
      Yeah but to me personally touching that bird wasn’t scary at all, beyond that moment when I thought it was a piece of Misha. 😀
      Wow, that’s really cool and interesting that that woman took care of injured wild animals at her home!

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  2. There are lots of feral honey bees where I am.

    And mosquitos.

    Also the last time a wild beast came into my house – it was a fox.


    Magpies do have a way of swooping.

    And seagulls will do what seagulls do – for example: squawk; steal or take any food which is not laid down…


    Glad you realised that Misha was safe in your wardrobe

    and that the bird was not part of Misha and was actually a bird.


    Hedgehogs and porcupines are really lovely animals.


    Roadkill like the deer comes around relatively rarely.


    Australian animals would make a blog in themselves.

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    1. The feral honeybees and mosquitoes sound rather scary to live near. So does getting a visit from a fox, though it must have bee interesting. There used to be a fox farm in our neighbourhood, and the smell would often come to us with the rain, which made me glad that I’m practically anosmic and couldn’t feel it. 😀

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