Plu – “Ben I Waered” (Upside Down).

   Hey dear people! 🙂 

   Yesterday I happened to have a migraine, and spent a lot of time in bed listening to Plu, whose music I always find very soothing, in a way that is also extremely soul-enriching, even though I’ve listened to them a lot before, because every time I listen to them I either explore something new in their music, or it makes me think of something different, or makes a different imagery pop into my brain. So it’s kind of like re-reading the same book. And their music is also great to fall asleep to. So I thought that today I’d share another song, the third one on here, from Plu’s most recent album called Tri, which came out last April and about which I’ve already raved before in this post where I also wrote in more detail about this album. Most of the songs on it are Plu’s original, and so is the case with this beautiful, dreamy and soaring piece. Despite my recent mini- yet very encouraging nonetheless successes with Welsh translations, I wasn’t able to translate this one for you unfortunately, because its lyrics don’t seem to be available anywhere online, and when I attempted doing it by ear, obviously I encountered a lot of words that I didn’t know and couldn’t quite figure out how they should be spelt to look them up in a dictionary or something. But very generally and shortly, from what I gather, the lyrical subject is in love with someone and talks about her feelings and sensations relating to this person, their presence etc. in a way that feels very subtle, I believe this person has actually left her or something and she longs for him, and she says something along the lines of that looking in the eyes and into the soul of this person makes her heart turn upside down. 


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