Floraleda Sacchi – “Inside the Tree”.

   Hi guys! 🙂 

   For today I’d like to share with you a LOONG, very interesting piece played by Floraleda Sacchi – an Italian harpist whose music I’ve shared quite a few times before on here already. – As is often the case with the music that she performs, this is quite an experimental piece, coming from her 2020 album of the same name. All the tracks on this album, including this one, are her harp arrangements of works of the Slovak composer Peter Machajdik. She’s accompanied by Piero Salvatori on the cello. I really like this piece because of how evocative it is and how it presents really vivid imageries in my mind. I first listened to this piece when I was sick last year, and had a little bit of a fever, which could have likely contributed to my imagination being a little more unhinged than usual, and I think I was actually in some sort of half-sleep while hearing it. As I was listening to this piece, my mind came up with some sort of tree people, who lived inside a huge, old pine tree, like a whole nation of people crammed into the space inside the tree. I could hear the narrative of their story in that weird half-sleep state I was in, as if it was a book or a documentary or something. I don’t remember everything that I imagined then, but I know and remember most vividly that they had conflicts all the time and were fighting each other and had wars and battles nearly all the Time. They didn’t need much to start arguing about something, and the smallest argument could end up violently. And a lot of those tree people died in such battles. Apparently that was their way of reducing the population so that they could have more space inside that tree. 😀 And they had a lot of orphaned children left after each such battle and they were crying for their parents. There were also wounded people lying around. One time finally it looked like they’ve killed each other, and there was just one huge bloody mess in there, but then it turned out that one little peep was still alive, except he lost his limbs in battle. He must have lost consciousness and then woke up all surprised and like: ‘Oh wow, I’m still alive!” And from then on he lived in that tree peacefully as a hermit. Probably because he wouldn’t be able to get out with no limbs. 😀 I really like music which works with my imagination like that and that makes my brain create things, even if they’re weird and, as in this case, don’t make much sense. And I’ve already said many times on here how I love long pieces of harp music, so there’s plenty of reasons for me to like this one, as you see. I’m curious if other people also have any sort of vivid imagery like that when listening to it, and if so, what is it? 

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