TToT (Misha, Traditional Latin Mass, pillows, etc.)

   I thought that today is a good day for writing a gratitude list. I always try to include things that I’m thankful for at least once a week  when writing in my personal diary, but I think I haven’t written a grateful blog post in quite a while and I feel like it today. I’m linking up with Ten Things of Thankful. 

  1.    The fact that I’m feeling well physically. My family – that is Sofi, Dad and Olek – have been mildly sick with something and while it isn’t serious, no fever or anything, it seems to be dragging on for quite a while, especially for Sofi. So far, I’ve been spared. Jack the Ripper is visiting me this week and I had two migraines, but overall I’m feeling well. 
  2.    Misha spending a lot of time with me, particularly at nights. Misha has recently taken a particular liking for my armchair and sleeps at night either there, or on my bed as usual. I always love it when Misha sleeps with me, his mere presence instantly creates such a pleasant, peaceful, Mishful atmosphere. But this week I’ve been particularly appreciative of it as I’ve had some yucky dreams and night time anxiety, and waking up in such Mishful atmosphere makes things so much easier. 
  3.    That I’ll probably soon be able to get a new cable for my scanner. I haven’t been scanning anything for a long time, because it’s such a huge hassle and difficult to do well on my own. But now that I’m attending Traditional Latin Mass, I sorely feel the lack of quality Catholic books in accessible formats, especially older ones, and feel almmost envious of my Mum who keeps buying herself all kinds of such books. They are very useful for prayer, reflection or even simple reading as a form of deepening your faith, and I always have to go looking for things like that on the Internet, which in the end means that what I find won’t necessarily be traditionalist at all. I have always struggled with focusing during prayer, and not having materials to help me out and help my mind go in the right direction makes it even more difficult sometimes. Even the missal that I have in epub is a lot shorter than the one my Mum has as a physical book, and I’m limited here anyway because I can’t just take my Braille-Sense with the missal with me to church like all the other people take their books because that would be super unpractical, I have to read it before the Mass at home. So my Mum has wanted to help me out and scan at least some of her huge collection of these “saintly books” as she collectively calls them for short, but then we couldn’t find the power cable for the scanner absolutely anywhere, and it appears to be such a niche cable that it can’t be replaced with just any average cable. So Mum phoned the company that distributes those scanners and asked if there’s any way of getting another cable or something, and they said that next time they’ll be ordering from the company that produces those scanners which is in the UK, they’ll order a cable for Bibielz as well. So Bibielz can’t wait for it and for all them saintly books. 
  4.    Speaking of TLM, I still feel so incredibly grateful to God every time I think about it, that we’ve been able to become part of the Catholic Tradition and attend this beautiful Mass and generally change our lives thanks to this. It will soon be a year since we “converted” as my Mum puts it and Mum and Sofi and me often reflect on how much things have changed for us since then, not even only spiritually but generally in how we think, and laugh at the difference sometimes. 

   My pillows. Yeah I always love my pillows, but today is a good day for being grateful for them because I have new pillowcases. Not for the regular, big pillows, but two smaller ones, one of which I put on top of my big pillow when I sleep and keep my PlexTalk  under it, and the other is for all kinds of unexpected needs and situations and for Misha when he wants to sleep in the bed rather than on it as he usually does. And then I also have three larger, additional pillows just in case, haha, but that’s not relevant here. Anyway, the pillowcases I had on the two, smaller pillows got badly torn as I had them for ages, and before I got some new pillowcases for these  pillows, for some time I slept without an additional pillow and that sucked because I’m totally not used to it – my Dad only sleeps on one, flat pillow and now I’m not surprised he has sleep apnea, I think it wouldn’t take long for me to develop it sleeping like that all the time – so then I got a different pillow, which was bulkier than the one I usually put on top of my regular pillow, so then in turn it felt way too high, and it muffled my PlexTalk quite effectively. So I was really happy and relieved when I finally got brand new pillowcases  and could sleep with my actual pillow. The right or wrong pillow can really make a huge change. 😀 

  1.    That I can be helpful for my Mum with her iPhone. I really like it when I can be helpful for people, and while my Mum likes her iPhone and says that it is indeed a lot more comfortable than any of her previous Android phones, she also needs a bit of help or a tip on how to do something with it quite regularly. Even if I don’t know how to do something, it looks like it’s easier to research it for me than for Mum. Perhaps because I always automatically do it in English and there’s more info on most topics in English online. Funnily enough, since last week, she’s been saying that perhaps she’d like to buy herself an Apple Watch, because it would make it easier for her to take calls when out and about and she hopes it would be better for measuring how many kilometres she runs and bikes. I think it’s funny at what pace we’re becoming the Apple family. 😀 I am very seriously planning to sway Dad to the Apple camp by the end of next year as well, just cus why not? Olek will be all alone with a Samsung. 😀 I know it’s beyond my abilities to convince Olek as his choice is fully conscious and informed, and because of that I wouldn’t even want to change it as it wouldn’t make too much sense. I already told Dad how Apple has CarPlay and that seems to have appealed to him as a lorry driver. 
  2.    doing relatively well mentally. July and August were awful for me with loads of what I call sensory anxiety for the purpose of this blog, which was going up and downn a lot and which was mostly caused by an unusual amount of sleep paralysis episodes that I had at that time and that they also were quite unusually intense and long, so that things felt quite out of control and I had a hard time functioning normally. Lately things have calmed down significantly and for long enough that I think I can say this month has been better, even despite horrid dreams and anxiety at night afterwards that I had earlier this week. 
  3.    Lots of yummy fruit. We still have raspberries in our garden! They haven’t been very sweet this year, but are still good, and it’s always nice to have home-grown raspberries rather than have to buy them from someone/somewhere else. We also have loads of pears, more than we can eat, in fact, so Mum is making some sort of mousse from themm or something. We also have a lot of apples (as befits the Apple family lol). And even blueberries, though these aren’t home-grown, Mum just bought a lot of them a while back to freeze. So we eat a lot of fruits and it’s really nice that we can do it. 
  4.    Chilly weather, which is chilly and cosy enough for me to be able to wear my fluffy overalls in the evenings again. For me that always means that autumn has properly started. 😀 
  5.    My language progress. It hasn’t felt like anything huge, but I’m always grateful even for a very little bit that my brain absorbs. Also what I feel particularly happy about, and what is particularly tangible for me, is that because of my Norwegian learning, I can feel my Swedish strengthening significantly as well. I was kind of worried it would be the oppposite and that I’d end up having a jumble of the two and would regret my silly out-of-the-blue affair with Norwegian. I’m so glad that it’s not the case, as well as that, for that matter, my relationship with Norwegian has definitely become a steady one by now, as we’ve been together for over a year now. 

   How about you, lovely people? What are you grateful for this week? How has it been for you overall? 🙂 


10 thoughts on “TToT (Misha, Traditional Latin Mass, pillows, etc.)”

  1. Misha wasn’t at the very top of the list? 😀

    Ohhh, you’ve gotten chilly weather? I’m looking forward to some soon, but so far it’s still like summer. And I’m wearing sweat pants due to a laundry crisis, so I’m really hot. Ugh! I’m excited to get that weather, ya know? Cocoa, warm blankets, candy canes, cider, crunchy leaves, YAY!

    I’m grateful for my friends, my family, my living area, my pets, my car, my table saw and woodworking endeavors, my writing, my stuff (like inherited furniture from Granny Franny, for example), my creativity, my intelligence (I don’t think I’m super-smart–and I don’t want to be–but I think I’m smart enough to feel smart, if that makes sense), my open schedule and abilities to work toward my goals, my ballet class that I’ve been taking called “gentle ballet” which is the only one I can take that doesn’t have jumping since I can’t handle impact, my spirituality/religion, my spirit guides, close souls I encounter on this plane, my oracle and Tarot card collection, my neighborhood–it’s really one of the best, and my leisurely lifestyle.

    Mostly, though, I’m grateful that as of two hours and seventeen minutes ago, the local pastry shop is officially closed for good. THANK GOD!

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    1. Hahah, Misha’s rarely on top of my gratitude lists, that would be boring to read. 😀 Also this isn’t really in any particular order, just as it came to my mind.
      Ugh, I definitely feel sorry for you that you still haven’t got any chilly weather, really hope things will change for you soon. 🙂
      These are great thankfuls! 🙂 I never thought to include stuff like my intelligence on a gratitude list but I’m definitely grateful for things like that too, and I don’t think being grateful for it means that you consider yourself super smart or super creative or something, it’s just being happy with what you’ve got and acknnowledging that it could’ve been much worse. And wow, that’s great news about the pastry shop, I hope that will make your weight loss journey a bit easier. 🙂

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  2. Raspberries were on my list this week, too. They are my absolute favorite fruit, and I’m so happy they grow well in my garden. I also harvested pears from my tree this week, but I still need to do something with them.

    Glad you linked to the TToT this week!

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  3. (to echo Mimi*) Welcome to the TToT (Ten Things of Thankful) bloghop

    … cold weather! eww summer is over and the weather is becoming very not enjoyable. We’ll be warm again in say, mid-July of next year.
    At least blogging is not an outdoor activity.
    have a great week

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    1. Haha personally I’m really happy and relieved to have chillier weather as my brain doesn’t tolerate heat too well. It’s a good thing though indeed that blogging isn’t an outdoor activity and it’s also something to be grateful for I guess. 😀


  4. Welcome to the Ten Things of Thankful! I hope you will join us every week! You have a delightful list! I am very impressed with your English. I wish I knew more than one language! Misha is a beauty – I have owned five Russian blues over my lifetime. They were all sweet boys!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed my list. 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind words about Misha and my English skills.
      Wow, you’ve been really lucky to have had FIVE Russian blues, I think they’re just the best!


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