Question of the day.

   The worst job in the world would be… 

   My answer: 

   In my view, probably something that would at the same time have to do with loads of math and loads of socialising. That means math teacher, I guess. 😀 That seriously seems like a truly awful job to me. 

   How about you? 


4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I taught basic math one-on-one at the reading center, which occasionally had a math student. One-on-one, it’s a million times less stressful than a classroom, for darned sure! 😮 But I hear ya!

    I think any job where you have to interact with the public, or where you have to drive (I’m a nervous driver), or really any job at all!! It’s a much shorter list of which job could work for me! AAUGH!!

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