Question. of the day.

   You wake up as a forty-year-old person and you have a husband/wife and three kids, what do you say? 

   My answer: 

   I have no clue what I’d say, it feels extremely surreal and kind of creepy, not to mention overwhelming for someone like me, but I’d probably think that either I must be dreaming, or I must have had amnesia and forgot the last 20-ish years of my life, if I even lived them consciously at all. 😀 

   How about you? How would you feel about such a change? Or maybe it wouldn’t be much of a change for you at all? 🙂 

6 thoughts on “Question. of the day.”

  1. I read a really neat suspense novel about that called, “Six Months Later” by Natalie D. Richards. No spoilers!

    I’d be like, “Oh, good, I’m five years younger!” Followed by, “Oh, no, I’ve got kids! AAUGH!” Followed by, “But I’m younger again!” I think there would be some inner conflict there! 😀

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  2. I’d say, “Yes! I’m a bit younger and I have more kids!” I’ve always loved kids and couldn’t have more than one. Then I’d ask, “Is my body normal or am I still half – paralyzed?” If still paralyzed, I’d want to go back to reality and leave the dream behind.

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