Effy Simon – “Stockholm”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   I’ve shared on here at least one song about Stockholm already, and today I thought I’d share another one, because it’s a cool city and there are a lot of cool songs about it. This one comes from a singer who, as far as I’m aware is not from Stockholm herself, but from Malmö in Sweden, or perhaps that’s just where she’s based now. As a name nerd, I was kind of intrigued by her name – Effy – because Effy is usually a nickname of Euphemia/Eufemia, and I’m a huge fan of this name, so I wondered if she could be an Eufemia, which would be super neat especially that I don’t think it’s a very common name in Sweden at all, I guess it just isn’t common anywhere. 😀 But, interestingly, her full name is Fanny Maria Hilma Malmborg Simonsson. Yes, Fanny is a common  name in Sweden and it does not have any vulgar connotations there. It was one of her non-Swedish friends who started calling her Effy, and over time she started identifying with it and decided to use it as her stage name. Very rightly so, I think, given that she spends a lot of time in the UK from what I read and wants to go beyond just Swedish music scene, because at least from what I’ve noticed, a lot of people in the Anglosphere have a hard time understanding that something that means something bad or weird or funny in English could coincidentally be a perfectly acceptable, normal, even common name in another language, or perhaps not so much understanding but getting over it. I think Effy is a cute name. Anyways, going back to the song, I’ve come across it relatively recently and I liked it, as I did other Effy’s songs, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on her musical activity. 

3 thoughts on “Effy Simon – “Stockholm”.”

  1. Effie/Effy/Effi

    I have usually seen it in relation to names like Elfreida [elf-friend or elf-freedom in German]

    or just as a name on its own.

    Or maybe I was thinking of Elfie in particular, as a nickname.

    And I love Eu meaning good in Greek. [also Kalos and beautiful].

    Would Hilma be a contributor to the Effie thing?

    Fanny is one of the characters in the ENCHANTED WOOD series – the younger and more adventurous sister – by Enid Blyton.

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    1. Effi definitely makes sense as a nickname for Elfriede/Elfrieda, or I guess any other elf-related name, though I’ve never come across it being used as a German name/nickname. Elfie is lovely too.
      For me the name Fanny immediately brings to mind Fanny Price from Mansfield Park above all else.


      1. yes!

        Fanny Price.

        And also Fanny Brice from this comedic/musical world. She is a real person.

        And then there was Frances Farmer – who was a very eccentric American actress.

        There are lots of other elf-related names.

        And there may well be a first time for everything [having it as a German nickname].

        Another name I found out about was WOUTE which means CLOUD in German.

        Effy: definitely a cute name for a cute person.

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