Question of the day.

   What’s your favourite thing you own and why? 

   My answer: 

   It’s so difficult to choose just one thing! In line with today’s song of the day post, I could technically say Misha, because I do own Misha, but it feels a little weird to say it like that and call Misha a thing (I mean I often do, and I often say he’s my favourite thing in the world and stuff like that but usually when I call him a thing it’s kind of teasing, like when he lies of the floor and I walk past him I’ll touch him with my foot and be something like: “Whose is this thing here? I think it should be put in the bin, who needs a useless ball of fur”, and then I scoop him up and kiss him or something). So other than Misha, hmmm… At this time of year, when we’re having 27 C (which Siri claims is 80 F) I’m inclined to say my air conditioner. I finally got my new accessible controller for it just a while ago though I haven’t set it up yet so I’m curious how it’ll go. Anyway, yeah, AC makes life so much better and I often wonder why more people in the colder but not actually really super cold bits of the world don’t have it because it makes all the more sense to have AC in your house for the rare occasion when you do get a heatwave because your system isn’t used to handling it. But there are things that I own that I definitely have more of a connection to than the AC. I love my whole gem stone collection but I’m not sure if I have one single favourite stone, I like different ones for different reasons. But currently I’m particularly fond of Melisande nn Milzie – a little amethyst that I got from my Mum for my name day this year – (I give my stones human names that I love or like, especially ones that I find unusable for children even if I were to have any for some reason, and Melisande is unusable here in Poland because it doesn’t end with an -a as girl names here normally do and doesn’t go along with Polish phonetics, and I call her Milzie because that’s what one of my pen pals calls me and since I got it for my name day I thought it would be cool if her name had some connection to mine). I absolutely love my double bed, and spend loads of time in it, and I’m so happy I can have a double bed and not share it with anyone other than Misha who, unlike a lot of other cats I’ve heard of, always takes up as little space as possible and rarely stretches out on my bed properly, and even if he did, there’d still be place for one more Bibiel there no problem, so I can toss and turn and wriggle as much as I wish. I love all my Apple devices very much (oh and by the way, I haven’t told you yet that I managed to convince my Mum to switch to iPhone and now she’s had one for a couple days already and she seems to like it a lot too, so we’re an increasingly Apple family, which drives Olek nuts as he is religiously loyal towards Samsung, and as a result he said he wouldn’t talk to Mum, and he indeed didn’t the first few days after her iPhone arrived, but that was simply because he was away in Vienna, plus obviously he was just kidding). I love my Braille-Sense and PlexTalk as well because of being able to read books on them and because the Braille-Sense makes it a lot easier for me to use the aforementioned Apple devices effectively. So, I don’t know really, I like a lot of things that I have but I don’t think I like a single one a lot more than the rest. I really think Misha is the only right answer here, after all. 

   How about you? 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. What a fun question!!

    Hmm…. I love my bedroom because it’s been rainbowfied. I also love my table saw, even though I’ve been working on writing and other projects rather than woodworking!! I also love my oracle cards collection! I wish I had people out there who wanted readings!! And I love my inherited items from Granny Franny: some retro vintage furniture and artworks from her walls! I’m still shocked that after her death, no one else in the huge family wanted any of that stuff! ❤

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