Travelle – “Fake Louis V.”.

   Hiya people! 🙂 

   Today I’d like to share with you another song by the Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer Travelle, whom both my Mum and me have been liking for quite some time and a lot of whose songs I’ve already shared on here, including a couple others which he released under the name Trollguten. This one, as is very clear from the lyrics, deals with the topic of the “fake it ’til you make it” philosophy. As he explained it for one Norwegian music blog, he actually did it at some point and bought a bunch of fake designer clothes to look cooler, but didn’t actually end up using them. He claims that whether it is buying followers on Instagram, embellishing your CV with things that aren’t necessarily true about you, or lying about how many people you’ve slept with, that’s not really a stupid idea, and that’s the point of this song. While I can agree that this can be sometimes helpful, I can’t say I agree with that. I mean, as someone with AVPD, I can sure get it that people can do such things as a way not to be criticised, but despite my AVPD, I’d sort of feel like I was untrue to myself if I bought fake clothes just because I wanted to look good for other people. If I wanted that for myself, I’d rather focus on creating my own style that would reflect my personality and work for my budget, and if I really did want designer clothes, I’d do all I could to actually one day be able to afford the genuine stuff. I just couldn’t be bothered to buy fake things for the sake of other people I think, but I guess I’m in the minority here because  I’m a hermit so I don’t have to care about such things, and for most people, especially those who are actually ambitious or something, the social pressure is probably a lot stronger, I see it even with our Sofi who fakes a lot of things for her peers’ sake. Similarly with wanting to have lots of followers and stuff like that, I’m totally disinterested in it, in fact I think it’s kind of nicer to have less followers because you can actually know all these people and have more genuine contact with them than with a whole crowd of followers. That’s especially true with blogging for me, I don’t think I’d like to have a huge blog with loads of followers, because it would no longer feel so nice and cosy and stuff and would probably start to feel a bit overwhelming if I wanted to keep up with engaging with all those followers. But then I don’t use your normal social media much at all and they have a bit of a different dynamic than blogging obviously. But, despite I don’t fully agree with his point, I like how he’s honest about it like that in this song, and I’m pretty sure it must be relatable for a lot of people these days, plagued with FOMO and other such difficulties that we’re having in the world these days. 


3 thoughts on “Travelle – “Fake Louis V.”.”

  1. Like I told people back in the 2000s:

    “I am a Louis Fourteenth/Fifteenth/Sixteenth chair NOT a Louis Vuitton handbag – real or fake!”

    In the world of sociology: those display signals are really costly.

    I think Travelle is talking about having the choice to do those things.

    On another note: isn’t it interesting you’re reading PREEMIE VOICES by Saroj Saigal?

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    1. Haha, I think I’d also much rather be the chair rather than the handbag if I had to choose.
      And yes, you make a very good point that he’s probably taking about the ability to have a choice.
      Hahahh I don’t know if it’s interesting that I was reading this book, but the book itself sure was interesting. I’ve heard about this book from Astrid of A Multitude of Musings and while I myself am not a preemie, I do know a lot of them, including our Sofi though she’s a late preemie so to say and we don’t even think about her as such really, anyway I never read a book specifically about preemies before, so I was very curious to read it and it was interesting to read about so many different people’s perspectives.


      1. Thanks Emilia!

        That is what I thought.

        Having the ABILITY to choose and HAVING to choose are very interesting philosophical and personal concepts.

        It is a good start in the medical world – and it is only very recently that preemies have had voices as such – and more the megaphone to be heard by influential others/influencers.

        My reasoning for the handbag was being dispensable rather than enduring.

        Though the chair too is a representation of superficiality when you know your French kings.

        Yes – prematurity would be over-represented in some sections of the blindness communities of which you have been and continue to be part.

        When our blogging posse recommend us good books it makes good sense to return the favour – even if you’re not primarily a book review blog [and you have the good sense to keep your Goodreads private].

        [and thinking that Goodreads is owned in great part by Amazon…]

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