Question of the day.

   How are you today? 

   My answer: 

   I’m definitely better than I was, say, even on Friday, but this whole week has been a bit crappy for me, mentally at least. I’ve been having loads of sensory anxiety stuff going on lately and feeling quite emotional for some unspecified reason, or perhaps actually for lots of different reasons, depending on from which angle you look at it, with self-harm urges on top of that, and now that all these things have quietened downn a little bit, mostly I’d say I’m just kind of blah. Usually Misha helps me a lot with the sensory anxiety, but now that the prozac is flushed out of his system for good, he’s become quite wired again as is typical at this time of the year, so he doesn’t really sleep in my room all that much or spend much time with me. 

   How about you? 🙂 

12 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I am feeling good this morning. I feel rested, which is good, as with the heatwave we’re having, I thought I might not sleep last night, but I ended up sleeping well, as I always do when at my parents house. Xx

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  2. Sorry to hear you are struggling. I do hope each day gets a bit better. I’m preparing for cataract surgery tomorrow (my second) and fighting a combination of psyching myself up to psyching myself into a panic attack. My day is stacked with things to keep my mind occupied and I know it will be over quickly tomorrow morning.

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    1. Thanks, things are getting better gradually indeed. 🙂
      Oh, pre-surgery time is definitely always so stressful. Good thing that you have a lot of distractions. I hope it goes smoothly and ends up being successful, and that the worst is over by now. 🙂

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  3. Oh dear, PLEASE feel free to email me if you’re wanting to self-harm, or even if you’ve already been self-harming, or even if you’re in a great mood!! ❤ I feel sad for you and your cat!! 😦

    I feel pretty good, but I've screwed up my life without meaning to. You know how I wrote that post for my life coach about, like, the pros and cons of having my mother as a mother? Well, she jumped from there to a post where I said stuff like she lost me saying my sister's no longer violent. I think I really hurt her feelings, and now I'm kicking myself, as it wasn't my intention and she's only the greatest therapist or life coach or whatever that I've ever had. AAUGH!

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      1. It’s looking better! She finally got back to me and said everything’s fine! Thank goodness!! YAY!! ❤ I hope you're on the mend, too!! ❤

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