Emma Langford – “The Winding Way Down to Kells Bay”.

   Hey all you people! 🙂 

   I have a really lovely tune for you today that I’ve discovered fairly recently, and pretty much ever since I’ve discovered it, it’s been stuck in my brain. I don’t really mind it at all, and it has also prompted me to familiarise myself with more of Emma Langford’s music, which I really like as well. But this song is so idyllic and I think very easily likeable that I thought this one would be the best to share. It comes from her 2019 album Sowing Acorns. Each song on this album is dedicated to someone, and this one is in memory of Emma’s late grand-uncle Eamonn, who lived in Kells Bay, and who died of a heart attack while Emma and her family were visiting him one summer. Kells Bay is a fishing village in county Kerry, and the vivid picture of it that we get from listening to this song gives an impression that it must be a really nice place. 

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