Harriet Earis Trio – “Are Friends Electric?”

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Today, let’s listen to another piece from Harriet Earis Trio’s album From the Crooked Tree. I’ve already said a lot about how much I like this album because it’s so rare to hear the harp in such a setting, next to drum and bass, in experimental music. I really like how it sounds together. This piece is the trio’s drum & bass rendition of Gary Numan’s song Are Friends Electric? With Harriet’s harp adding a strongly Celtic flavour on top of it. From what I’ve read, the trio’s bassist – Andy Coughlan – has actually played with Gary Numan as well. 


3 thoughts on “Harriet Earis Trio – “Are Friends Electric?””

    1. And neither would Bibiel! I think it’s quite a big pity that the harp is generally seen as an instrument whose place is only either in pure folk, or the so-called relaxing genre, and as an often barely audible part in orchestral pieces, I think harp goes so well with stuff like this as well.


      1. I have heard the harp several times in Symphony Orchestra concerts in my city [and in the university performances which are associated with that orchestra – and others].

        The Celtic folk really does dominate harp perception…

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