Adrian von Ziegler – “Faire Forest”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   The piece I have for you today is by German musician and composer Adrian von Ziegler, who I believe is quite popular with people who are into music that has a sort of fantasy vibe to it, or even among people who enjoy Celtic music but not necessarily the very traditional, rootsy folk. I’d say his sound is quite similar to that of Jeff Victor, whose one song I shared with you guys last year, or Peder B Helland who is a Norwegian composer to whom I used to listen a fair bit as a teenager. I generally tend to prefer the more folky Celtic stuff where Celtic music is concerned, but I still do like some of his music because it can be quite stimulating for one’s imagination. . And this is one of my favourite pieces by him. I like that it’s a harp piece, and it has an interesting melody, and is indeed quite evocative of fairies in my opinion. . 

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