Question of the day.

   What are some things you do to cope with stress that aren’t really productive, but not really unhealthy either? 

   My answer: 

   I guess one such thing that comes to my mind and that fulfills these criteria is sleep. If I feel really stressed, or depressed, for that matter, or anything shitty like that, and can sleep, I will usually happily jump at the chance to shut my brain down even for a little while. Sleep is one of the best methods of escapism, imo, but it sure isn’t particularly productive. Unless you happen to have a dream that gives you a solution to whatever is stressing you out, or the stress is only a matter of time and when you sleep some time through, you’ll wake up in a better, less stressful world. I’ve heard that too much sleep can be similarly unhealthy as too little sleep (I’m actually really curious why, because with too little sleep it’s obvious, but I’d like to know what exactly goes wrong when you sleep too much and why) but I suppose that compared to various other maladaptive ways in which people, including myself, try to cope with stress, oversleeping is probably relatively harmless. 

   How about you? 🙂 

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Oh I love sleep too!! Yeah, I think it’s okay to oversleep, but I also agree that it could vary from person to person, ’cause it’s so personal to your own physiology. Personally, I’d rather oversleep than undersleep and then be in a fog all day, but I’m sure it can be different for someone else.

    Hmm…. when I’m really stressed, I’ll go window-shopping online. Like, I usually won’t buy what I put in the cart, but I’ll create wish lists on my favorite shopping sites, like LL Bean. And that just really relaxes me. And if I still want or need the items after a lot of time has passed, I might buy them. But fantasy online shopping just really helps me relax.

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  2. I spend time with Ziggy. Just stroking his fur somehow takes the stress and tension out of most things. And he loves the attention, he seems to know when I am stressed out, and will come trying to climb in my lap. Pets are wonderful stress relievers!

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