Question of the day (23rd May).

   Hi people! 🙂 

   Here’s your question of the day that I was actually planning to post yesterday, so today we’ll hae two questions again. 🙂 

   What is the most fucked up thing a person you know has done? 

   My answer: 

   The first thing that comes to my mind is something that my two later to become boarding school roommates did when we were in nursery/preschool. There was one boy who, aside from obviously being blind like all of us, also had some intellectual disability and I guess something wrong with his face, a cleft palate or something. And one time when he was in the loo, they went in there and started banging his head on the walls from side to side, just as he was sitting on the loo. Thankfully someone has noticed and they got punished by it in some way. I only learned about it from them years later, and it struck me as really odd and quite hardcore cruel, because they’re normally not like that at all, and it didn’t seem like they had any clear motivation behind that, just that one of themm got such an idea and the other followed. 

   You? 🙂 

4 thoughts on “Question of the day (23rd May).”

  1. Honestly, now that you talk about that thing the kids in your school did to the multiply-disabled child, I am reminded of how I and two other kids on my bus to the school for the blind bullied a girl who was visually impaired and intellectually disabled (from a brain tumor, I later found out). It was actually my idea, because she was “dumb” by my standards. One day, one of the other kids actually brought in a baby’s rattle because, according to our “tests”, she’d reached that level. I think I was rather fucked-up for bullying her like this. I never even got actually punished for it apart from the occasional telling-to by the headmistress. When the girl’s brain tumor returned and she was in ICU, my father actually remarked that her life really wasn’t worth much so why did her father pray for a cure? By that time, I was older and had realized how fucked-up it’d been for me to bully this girl, so I was rather offended at my father’s comments.

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    1. Oh dear, your bullying of this girl was certainly awful, but I find your dad’s comment more disturbing because he was an adult, unlike you, and that’s a really inappropriate thing to say, even if he only said it to you.
      As for disabled children bullying more severely disabled children, I feel that this problem could be at least somewhat alleviated if disabled schools paid some attention to making the children more aware of different disabilities, just like it’s the case with able-bodied children in inclusion schools/classes. I guess a lot of special ed people think that children who are blind will be able to automatically understand and accept children with more complex disabilities, but it just doesn’t have to be the case. I don’t recall any similarly yucky incidents to the one I shared in the post, but there was a lot of low-grade bullying/condescending attitudes from “jusb blind” children (myself included) towards multiply disabled children and I think there could be less of that if someone put more effort into seriously explaining that those children also have other difficulties and shouldn’t be compared to those who do not.


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