Question of the day.

   What is the least stressful job there is? 

   My answer: 

   I guess it’s really hard to say without having worked in a given profession, and also that while what you do as part of your job is very important, it also matters in what sort of environment you work and other circumstances. My job at my Dad’s is probably as low-stress as it gets, but I’m sure that there are many office worker/secretary people who can’t say the same about their job. I don’t know how this thing is called in English, or even if it is a thing at all, but I’d think the sort of small, manual jobs  that one can do at home here, which are usually a source of additional income but for some people who are otherwise unemployable for any reason it might be their only job or especially it used to be the case in the past, like assembling pens, or cartboard boxes, packing up leaflets etc. Shouldn’t be particularly stressful. But I have a feeling that most people who decide to take on such jobs may already have lives that are stressful enough at least in the financial sphere, if not any others. Besides, they can’t be particularly interesting or even mildly challenging, and I think long-term boredom/lack of real purpose can be experienced as kind of stressful in a way too. 

   What are your ideas? 🙂 

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I agree with you that working for my dad is stress-free. It’s from home, and my dad’s a nice “employer”. I have issues whenever I have a “real” job (not that I’m trying to belittle how we work for our dads), because I’m terrified of real-life employers and coworkers, for some reason. But the other job I loved was in college, when I did work-study in the print shop. Part of my pay went to my tuition, and then I got a small paycheck. But it was just a bunch of college kids hanging around making copies, binding books, delivering paper on campus, etc. I really loved that job!

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    1. Your college job sounds quite nice indeed. 🙂
      I also have a feeling that I’d have issues if I had a “real” job. 😀
      I wouldn’t necessarily call my Dad a nice empl oyer, because he’s right grumpy and whiny and not the easiest to communicate with, but since he’s my Dad and I live with him on a daily basis anyway and have gotten used to it, I can handle it a lot better than if I had an employer I didn’t know as closely as that plus a more demanding/responsible or less time-flexible job.

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