Question of the day.

   What irritates you the most? 

   My answer: 

   People who are so extremely touchy that almost whatever you tell or ask them is considered attacking, stupid, or otherwise inappropriate or whatever and react in a way that feels aggressive or oozes with huffiness. It’s hard not to get irritated in response to something like that so it can start a vicious cycle. Both my Dad and Sofi, for all their virtues, are like that. Sofi in particular. Like, when it’s the “wrong day” you can’t tell or ask her about pretty much anything at all ‘cause everything will be interpreted as personal attack and she’ll respond with an eyeroll and almost yell at you in a very unpleasant tone, or with emphatic silence. If you don’t know Sofi well, you may be tempted to try and be even nicer to her, thinking that perhaps she’s just had a bad day at school and, you know, puberty and all. But the nicer you’ll try to be, paradoxically the worse it gets. My Mum is a huge people pleaser by nature, so am I I suppose but I guess to a lesser extent, so even though we know about it, we often try to make her feel better anyway, but that just never helps. And no, unfortunately it is not something that has come up now that she’s a teenager, she’s always been touchy and moody and easily irritated like this even as a toddler. We can only hope that it changes as she gets older, because overall Sofi is a very cool and likeable girl if she’s in a good mood or if she wants something from you, with a lot of good traits, but this particular trait makes her quite a difficult person and potentially even toxic, especially over time if she doesn’t grow out of it, because such stuff can get worse with age. My Dad is a bit different in that it doesn’t always take so little to set him off, but once you do succeed (which usually happens to my poor Mum), it can even end up almost like a proper tantrum. And it’s always everyone else who is to blame for everything, never him, and the whole family and everyone at work and their dog is plotting and siding against him. I dunno, I’m also quite easily irritated, and most definitely touchy (thanks, AVPD), but what I don’t understand is spilling it out so much on the other people. For me it would kind of feel humiliating if I just broke down like that and started yelling at someone just because they dared say “Hi Bibiel” and I have a feeling that they hate me and are laughing at me inside their brain. If it wasn’t true, I would only make someone feel awful, and if it was, it certainly wouldn’t make them hate me less or would give them more of a reason to laugh at what a freak Bibiel is. 😀 

   You? 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

    1. Ah, yeah, small talk can sure be annoying, especially when it’s obvious that the other person only does it because they think they should or because it’s polite rather than because they like small talk themselves. Why bother just for the sake of a social norm if it’s not helpful for anyone in a specific situation? Generally though small talk is more stressful and/or tiring for me than irritating.

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  1. Huh, I wonder what’s bugging Sofi? No clue! 😮

    Well, I could write a book in response to this question (as with so many of your questions! They rock!) but I’ll narrow it down to this: people who run stop signs. A driver yesterday zoomed up a back street toward the main road, where there’s a stop sign. He didn’t even slow down before zipping onto the main road. But I’ve decided to write to the mayor. It was my dad’s suggestion. Writing to the police hasn’t gotten me anywhere, and driving in our neighborhood has become a free-for-all, as though the stop signs are saying slow down a little bit, and the red lights are optional, depending on how strong your inner morality is. Ugh! Yeah, I’d better write that letter!

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    1. Sofi is bugged by her own brain, I suppose. I used to think a lot about that too and ask her what’s wrong, but it doesn’t lead anywhere constructive, so I suppose she just likes when something’s bugging her.
      Ugh, I’m sure that drivers like that must be irritating! I hope writing to the mayor will achieve something.

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