Elen Marianne Utsi, Piera Eira & Bernt Mikkel Haglund – “Movttegis Nieiddat”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   I think I have already mentioned how I think that of all the peoples speaking my favourite languages, the Sámi seem to be most fond of mixing folk music (in their case of course joiking in particular) with more modern genres, from electronic, to pop, to hip-hop, all sorts of things really. Perhaps it’s because it seems so obvious that when you sing in Sámi, it’s almost impossible not to include joiking, so naturally it comes out sounding a lot more folky than it would be otherwise. But I also think that joik blends extremely well with modern genres, better than many other kinds of folk music do, so they may just be very aware of it and take full advantage of it. I find blending folk music with modern genres or modern instrumentation very interesting in general, even if I don’t always like the results. I feel like it either comes out very good and tasteful, or the complete opposite and on the kitschy side. With Sámi music, more often than not, it’s the former. 

   So since I’ve been listening to all sorts of music in Sámi lately, I thought I’d share with you one such song which blends together Sámi folk and pop/dance vibes into a quite surprisingly coherent-sounding whole. I don’t really know much about these three musicians behind it other than they’re all from Kautokeino in Finnmark in Norway. I don’t even know what the title of this piece means, other than that I believe nieiddat means daughters but I’m not even entirely sure of that. 

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