Question of the day.

   If your life would’ve been a book, what would you name that book? 

   My answer: 

   Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and the idea that sounds best to me out of those I’ve come up with is: “Bibielle’s Brain Bubble. A story of parallel worlds”. But if I really was to do something like write my autobiography I’m sure I’d be thinking very long about a good title and would probably only decide for one when I’d have the whole book or at least a detailed draft ready. I don’t like coming up with titles. So if my entire life was a book, I should probably wait til the end of the story to be able to give it an adequate name, haha. 

   What would your title be? 🙂 

11 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Back when I was in my last year of high school planning on going to university, the title of my autobiography would’ve been “Some former preemies will go to university”. This was the title of a newspaper article about the cut-off line for active treatment of premature babies being moved from 25 weeks to 24 weeks gestation in certain cases and the consequences this might have for quality of life of former preemies. Now that I only spent two months actually being a uni student, this wouldn’t be such a fitting title anymore, but I haven’t come up with a better one.

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    1. That would be an interesting title for a book and probably very eye-opening for those who don’t have much awareness about former preemies’ lives and what it’s like. I can see how it wouldn’t be so fitting for you anymore though. But I guess if you really wanted to go this route you could surely find something from your life that you have done and that an average person wouldn’t have thought a former preemie could do.


  2. Well, this is weird because my life IS a book, apparently, and I’ve been leaning toward the title, “I Say Your Name Like a Prayer”.

    I love your alliterative title! 😀 It’s cute!

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  3. My book would be an installation/exhibition

    and it would be “Growing up Geopolitical”

    subtitled: “Tolerance; Diplomacy and the Geopolitical Way”

    [like Truth; Justice and the American Way].

    [a tagline would be – Tolerance is for life not for Thursday].

    Another title would be The Woman Who Got the Cream.

    A title I thought of in the early 2000s is MISTRAL MIND.

    [and, yes, HALFWAY UP RYSY PEAK is on a shortlist].

    Bibiel: Very wise to wait until the end of your life.

    One thing that helps me are six-word memoir titles and chapters.

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