Sofia Talvik – “Aha-Aha”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   I told you yesterday that today I’d be sharing one more song by Sofia Talvik, and so here it is. This time however, it’s her original song, and unlike the two previous traditional, very folky songs, this one is Sofia’s original song and I think it reflects a lot more what Sofia’s music is like as a whole, as, like I already said when writing about her, she’s a lot more Americana than folk, also with some country leanings. I don’t really like or feel country, despite a lot of people think it has a lot of common ground with folk and in a way it certainly does as they both influence each other to an extent and overlap a bit, but as much as I love folk with all my brain, I think it’s fair to say that country is one of the genres that I like least. But there are some artists whose music I do like to listen to sometimes even though they are influenced by this genre or even stuff like bluegrass, more or less strongly, and Sofia Talvik is one of them, I guess because the Nordic vibe which is also strongly present in her music makes it a lot more digestible for me. 😀 And I actually really like the sound of this song. It comes from Sofia’s album BIg Sky Country, released in 2015, which was self-produced by Sofia under her own label Makaki Music, and most of the material on this album was also written by her alone. I believe this is one of her more popular songs. 

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