Smith & Thell – “Cabin Out In Nowhere”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Let’s listen to some Swedish pop today! This time, I’d like to share with you a song from a very popular Swedish duo, and they’re not just popular in Sweden but I suppose all around Europe, maybe even in America as well. I do know for sure that they have a loyal fan base in Poland. I personally don’t consider myself some huge fan of their music overall, it just doesn’t resonate with me quite as much as some other Swedish pop acts do, but still I do quite like them and some of their songs, like this one, in particular. Smith & Thell are two friends from Helsingborg in Scania – Maria Jane Smith and Victor Thell – who met as teenagers. They were also a couple for some time and I think it’s pretty cool that despite they are no longer together in this sense, they can still be friends and do business together. They are also known as songwriters for many famous artists like Jennifer Lopez or Ava Max. 

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