Song of the day (22nd February – “Travelle – “Nobody Else”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Time for yet another song from the Norwegian musician Travelle, aka Kristoffer Björntvedt, Taka rollguten etc. This time round, it’s his debut single, at least debut under this particular stage name. I read that it was quite a success in America, which I found surprising given that his later Travelle music doesn’t seem to enjoy a lot of attention outside Norway, which is quite a pity imo. While his later releases as Travelle were created largely single-handedly by him, this song was a collaborative effort of his and an Australian, London-based artist called Tonino Speciale, plus a vocalist though I don’t know who she is. Again, as with the song Diving which I shared a couple months ago, it shows that it’s not him who is (or at least not solely) behind the lyrics of this song, as he’s quite characteristical in this respect and I like it because I really like when someone can treat their lyrics with a bit of distance, yet at the same time very personally. But I still quite like these lyrics here because while they’re about a relationship, which is something most people write their songs about and something I can’t really overly relate to, it’s not very cliche, and I think the song is nice overall.

   Oh, and actually, speaking of Travelle, an interesting thing is that last month my Mum has also become a fan of his music! I totally didn’t see it coming! 😀 One night when my Dad had a particularly loud episode of sleep apnea she was sleeping on a matress in my room, and I had my blog playlist from this year playing on Spotify, and since last month I posted his song “Cuba” on here it was on that playlist as well, and it played at some point during the night and then in the morning my Mum was like: “You had suchh a super cool song playing here at night, I wish I knew what it was!” So I sent her that playlist so she could find what song it was that she liked so much, and to my surprise, it turned out to be Travelle’s “Cuba”. Actually perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised because my Mum likes a lot of electronic music which she listens to when she goes running, in fact she most likely listens more to this genre than I do because for me folk rules obviously, but somehow I woouldn’t have thought that this is the shade of electronic music that my Mum would also be into. Yet, she ended up liking all of Travelle’s music, so that’s really cool! 🙂 She was bummed though when I told her that it’s not likely that he’ll be doing more music as Travelle, as he hasn’t in quite a while and is now focusing on yet another, quite different shade of electronic music which I totally don’t feel and I’m absolutely sure neither would my Mum lol, but which clearly gets a lot more love from people inn general. 😀 

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