Maxida Märak – “Jåhkåmåhkke”.

   Hiya people! 🙂 

   Yesterday (February 6) was Sámi people’s National Day. I love a lot of Sámi music that I know, but because I don’t know and don’t share as much of it as I do, say,Swedish or Welsh, I like to celebrate this day in some way on my blog and so it’s been a bit of a tradition that I’ve been sharing something Sámi at this time of the year. I heard this song a few months ago in one of the Sámi radio stations, don’t remember whether the Swedish or Norwegian one, and I really liked it. I once shared one song by Maxida Märak before, but that one was quite vastly different as it was in collaboration with Downhill Bluegrass Band, whereas most of her music that she’s known for is actually rap or electronic plus often joiking of course, so I’d say this song is more her usual style though it’s pure joiking with no lyrics. 

   Jåhkåmåhkke is a place in Sápmi, this is its Lule Sámi name as far as I’m aware, it’s also known as Jokkmokk in Swedish and Jokimukka in Finnish. It means river’s curve in Lule Sámi. It’s a very important location for Sámi people, as that’s where an office of the Sámi Parliament is, as well as Sámi Education Centre, and every year, on the first Thursday of February there’s Jokkmokk market, which is one of the most important social events for the Sámi culture. 

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