Venla Edelmann – “Puhdasta Vettä” “Pure Water”.

Hey guys! 🙂 

   The song i want to show you today, as well as the artist singing it, are both new to me. I just heard it for the first time last week and I liked it a lot. As you may know, I don’t speak Finnish myself (yet) but DeepL claims that the title of this piece can be translated as either Clean or Pure Water, I don’t know which word is closer to the original. I found no translation of the lyrics, so I again asked DeepL for help and it seems like it’s about one’s relationship with God, or, more exactly, how God is still by our side even when we repeatedly turn our back on Him or curse Him, yet still, at the same time, the lyrical subject has some doubts, as he or she seems to be asking over and over: “Can You hear me?” 

  Quite as I was expecting when I first saw her name, Venla Edelmann is daughter of Finnish singer and actor Samuli Edelmann., and I have also found this song sung by him, so maybe it was him who was first? The lyrics to this song were written by Samuli Laiho, who is a musician himself as well. 

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