Travelle – “Cuba”.

Hey people! 

   The music of Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer Travelle (aka Trollguten and probably a dozen other things) has become a regular thing on my blog, so I figured I’d share yet another song by him. As you can easily deduce from both the title and the lyrics, this song is inspired by his visit to Cuba. It seems like, in line with his stage name, he does like to travel a fair bit, and according to what I read about this song, he was interested in visiting the country because he often heard people talking about how beautiful it is and that it’s worth experiencing. He didn’t have huge expectations going there, but still ended up surprised by a lot of things and talked a lot with the local people about what it’s like to live there given the political situation, which he – I think quite rightly – considers romanticised by other countries who have not actually experienced a regime like that. 

   I think the song itself, musically, is very cool. Extremely catchy, but in a good way because at the same time it is not cliché and doesn’t give you a deja vu-like state upon first listening to it that would make you feel like you’ve heard something very similar before. 

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