Enya – “Anywhere Is”.

Hey people! 🙂 

   Today I’d like to share with you this quite cheery song from Enya’s 1995 album The Memory of Trees. It originated as some staccato piece with a marching feel to it, only with backing vocals, and Nicky Ryan (Enya’s producer) and Enya herself rejected it from this album at some point, but then Rob Dickins from Warner Music had a listen to it and really liked it, seeing the possibility of commercial success in it, so they ended up including it on the album. As is often the case, Roma Ryan’s lyrics were inspired by the music and written later on, and are about finding your home. Which, as Enya said in an interview, resonates with her a lot, because she only feels like she can compose music in Donegal, where she’s from. 

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