Slobodan Pilic – “Pavane Pour une Infante Defunte” (Pavane for a Dead Princess).

Hey people! 🙂 

   For today, I picked a classical piece for you, more exactly its harp arrangement. Pavane for a Dead Princess was composed by Maurice Ravel and dedicated to his patron – Princess de Polignac. – Despite its title though, I’ve read that its not really a tribute for any “dead princess” in particular, rather, it was simply born out of Ravel’s interest in Spanish customs and traditions, and he simplly titled it this because he liked the sound of it. That’s a great reason, in my opinion. I like things that just sound good, even if they don’t make a whole lot of sense when it comes to meaning. I don’t have a clue who Slobodan Pilic is though, other than he clearly must be harpist, and probably is one of those folks who have some exclusive contracts with Spotify or however that works, because his music only seems to be available there. Perhaps he’s also one of the artists like those whose music is produced by the Swedish Epidemic Sound label, whose music is royalty-free and apparently Spotify used to promote that a lot more than anything else and people got indignant that these artists must be “fake” because there’s no information that can be found about their existence under the names they use on Spotify. I believe Slobodan Pilic is not from Epidemic Sound but it could be some similar thing perhaps. But that isn’t really relevant, I think this piece sounds great on the harp. 

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